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On my chest


The world sits on my chest
And beats
Its claws dig into me
Yesterday, I used to be young
Carefree and unchained
Drifting through the wind
Today, I lay
Beneath the rubble
Of the past
And the thought of growing old
Without a hand to hold
Makes my skin linger
But then I wonder
Afterall this time
I’ve learnt to hug myself
So why
Wait for anyone
When I can save myself
From this world
On my chest

Jasmine over roses


For all it is worth
I do not think you will ever
Grasp the idea of what you mean to me
In a garden full of roses
I found a precious jasmine
And I always loved the smell of it
The white petals like stardust on earth
I imagine stardust to be white as well
And that is how much you mean to me
A jasmine in a field of roses
Forever and ever
I will always pick the jasmine
Over the roses in the world
And by that I mean
You’re the only one

That girl


I’m always going to be that girl
Who wears her heart on her sleeves and falls in love with people and places
Because love is something I never got much
And I believe, I can save the world with it

I’m always going to be that girl
Who will laugh in the rainy days and tiptoe on the cold ground
Because joy is something I never experienced much
And I believe, I can save the world with it

I’m always going to be that girl
Who will try mending broken hearts and cut herself while picking up the broken pieces of someones existence
Because I was once broken and nobody saved me until I saved myself
And I believe, I can save the world if I try

I’m always going to be that girl
Who hides her dreams and fears in between the pages of books by Hosseini and Hemingway
Because only books understood them well
And I believe that this can save my world from crumbling

I’m always going to be that girl
Who is bad at saying goodbye to people who mean no good
So often, many had to let me go
And I believe, this would never break me down

An open letter to my valentine


Dear ,
sugar plum covered in honey

I love you. I know these three little words can never express all that I feel for you but let me just give it a try? I’ve been staring at the sky for too long because the constellations formed your name and I don’t want to gaze at anything except your name across the melancholic soaked night that gave me happiness. You’re the glimmer of happiness that makes me forget every worry.

You are far and in between us lay, vast deserts and the seven seas but the farther you are the more closer you seem. We share this bond that overcomes all the obstacles life throws at us and you’ve become familiar to me like my reflection in the mirror.
If I could I would run to you, walk to you and even crawl with all my might but I’m afraid that the vast distance might break my bones and shatter my skin-I wouldn’t reach to you in one piece.

Forgive me, for tonight all I have are words to offer. Words that are laced with promises of a future where we are together. A writer can only bleed the love she has on parchment and for you? I can write an eternity and not get tired.

Our future is like us, dark, wrecked and cold but among our ruins we will build a home and I swear, your smile is all I need to survive. For a while now, my world has shifted and tumbled. Not in the sense that the ground shook and the sky fell but in a way that the previous version I so cherished does not make sense to me anymore. My world revolving around your entity makes more sense.

Our tragic tale with all the beauty of this world has two princesses who fell in love and no matter what, you will always ride shotgun. You can have bits of me that are still beautiful and I will cherish parts of you that are broken, as if they are mine. You won’t be chained down by the past and I won’t be bothered about the future. The present will be ours and like two gypsies in love, we will live off the kindness this universe has to offer. I want to experience the life I have left with you by my side and nothing else.

So, as I ink this down there is only one thing my fragile heart dare to asks, will you be my valentine now and forever?

With love,
Sheher Bano