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They told me to write honestly

Not about love

Not about drugs

Not about sadness

They told me to write honestly

To write about myself, for once

I had no words you see?

For a while It shunned my speech

I couldn’t find a word that explained a soul lost like mine

I searched for a word that elaborated the broken pieces of my existence

I sought a word that depicted the state of being happily melancholic

I thought hard about the words that could describe the state I am in

Beautiful girl with doll eyes, lost soul, Addicted to self destruction

All these words did not seem sufficient enough

They told me to write honestly

But, I can’t

Not when it comes to me

So, I will continue to rhyme

About love

About drugs

About sadness

Until, somehow I find myself in between the lines of all that I ink down.

Until, somehow my incompleteness makes complete sense.

Falling stars&Wishes


They say if you wish on a falling star
It comes true
I keep wishing on every star
Hoping to find myself
With every fallen star and wish made
I think I lose a part of me
Never to regain

Does she?


Does she know that in her absence you kissed a million times the stars on my lips to forget the darkness she left behind?
Does she know that you still think of me when the clock strikes 3 and you’re lonely?
Does she know that a thousand times you cheated her by just having me in your thoughts?
Does she know that I granted you the smile you wear?
Does she know that I claimed you mine without a touch?
Does she know that I am a disease thats implanted in your heart, forever to bleed?
Does she know that you will never be able to forget me?
I hope she knows. I hope you know too. Trust me darling, I’m the glow you can’t get rid of that easily.

Hopes and Dreams


We’re all high and drunk
On ideas
On pain
On love
On needs
And even on memories
Drunk on the things that make us pass the days
Dire need of other people to not be alone among our thoughts
They can be lethal
They can be mortifying
Do you remember the last time you were proud of yourself for just being, you?
Hopes and dreams keep us moving
We all hate sober reality
Those who learn to deal with it are
Amongst us
The real winners
The real champions

I learned with time


I have spent years in mosques praying and worshiping to God. Bruised my knees in total submission hoping that he would hear.
I have carried Him for years in my pocket like a pill that would soothe the pain away.

I have spent ruthless nights being drunk on the sidewalk with nothing but loneliness by my side. Smoking with strangers in corridors sharing nothing but silence and empty looks.

I have spent blissful days where I kissed the devil on the lips and danced in the glory of love. Angels greeted me with grins on heavens door.

I searched for peace and tranquility. I looked for the truth of my existence and howled like the wolf in the face of all the questions. I did it all and lived to find an answer. Nothing served as feasible logic but I learned,
I learned to forgive men, for carrying hatred in your own heart is nothing but poison
I learned to love without regret,for that served as the best fuel to my heart
I learned to let go of things not meant to be because for what is not yours now, never belonged to you in the first place
I learned to be kind because in the end that is what the planet needs

I might not have found the answers to my existence but I am on the path towards learning and in the end be a better human being for I learned that money, fame, love and possessions don’t matter

What matters is when you lay yourself to bed at night you can go to sleep without any regrets on your mind.

Give your heart a break


Because sometimes the biggest enemy isn’t the enemy on the outside but it’s our own mind, deceiving us and betraying us by over thinking and making up scenarios that will never happen that can lead to anxiety and panic disorders. It isn’t wrong to think over things and not plan moves out but what is wrong is to make those thoughts control your actions now and succumb into them. Everything is temporary and nothing lasts forever so if a person can look at it this way and not let emotions prevail over logic NOTHING CAN EVER GO WRONG ON YOUR PART…..