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Play pretend


In third grade we learnt about gravity and how it functions
It pulls you towards
But the opposing force makes you stay on ground
That is why the earth never fully consumes
I imagine this sometimes
When dark days takeover
And I find my bones sinking in the mattress
Unable to move
I look at the sun but the light never touches me
One of these days
The force that keeps me afloat will come back
Till then I lay still
And pretend play with this emptiness


Silent Music


Silent Music

The silent music humming in my mind
I can still feel the whispers and cries in this dark night
The echoes of the melody losing no time
Playing again and again on rewind
Whether I am the cure or part of the disease
The social virus that instills
My mind it assents and my heart dissents
Lost in this deserted land I fail to find a way
No hope for the future, no regret of the past
No remorse for the present, no pray for my soul
For all I hear is the silent music playing all through my existence
Playing again and again on rewind