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Growing up


The one thing I hate about the process of growing up is realizing the limitations of my relationships with people. It’s a painstaking procedure because one day you’re stargazing with them and the next day you’re afraid to make eye contact. It is absolutely why I don’t let people get close. I’m afraid that the reminiscent of someone else will shine. Maybe, they will fail to find anything but the probability is that they will walk upon something that I would rather not have them see. I find myself walking between comfortable nostalgia and the coldness of familiarity.
It’s not that I don’t want to love but rather not hold onto the facile belief of safety, either.


Prostitutes and gamblers


Reflecting on the past gives you insight on how you led up in the present situation. You will find that life turned out to be a cheap prostitute you mistook for an expensive escort.
You were a gambler in the drunken state of mind with fresh cash and your queens all in a row. Until, your twenty became a sixty and being addicted to the game, all you did now, was to survive the chase and not let life pass you by that easily-No whore gets to walk by this easily- only to realize that it walked over you to another winner the moment you began to lose.

Even cheap prostitutes hang onto winners. Life always hangs onto the winners and tramples those under its heel who lose.