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Play pretend


In third grade we learnt about gravity and how it functions
It pulls you towards
But the opposing force makes you stay on ground
That is why the earth never fully consumes
I imagine this sometimes
When dark days takeover
And I find my bones sinking in the mattress
Unable to move
I look at the sun but the light never touches me
One of these days
The force that keeps me afloat will come back
Till then I lay still
And pretend play with this emptiness




When I was 15, back in 10th grade, I remember my teacher explained to us the concept of time
Schrodinger gave us the time independent wave equation
And I learnt
Time is independent but dependent at the same time
We learnt about energy and how it always changes forms
I learnt that nothing ever in the universe is gone at all
It just exists
Maybe in a different state or a part of something else

Three years from that time
I agree with most of what was taught
But I infused my own learnings in it
Because blackboard teachings won’t answer the questions I thought deep at night

Life and time go side by side
Time changes and with it does a man
You’re constant now but a year from now?
Probably different
Do you ever think about it?
How time changes you but never changes you?
You grow old and bitter
But make sweet memories along the way that never change

In the stillness you’re amidst the memories
Living time again when they say that you cannot go back
Time taught me the taste of a love that I could never have but only desire
It taught me that I cannot always have the things that I want
It made me weak but strengthen my core
Time just put layers of forgetfulness on my iron lung and elastic heart
On lonely nights I shed the layers and relive the time I once spent forgetting

It numbs down pain, I will give it that
But the wound never heals and the poison seeps deep
Happiness, sadness, pain and love
People, madness, infatuations and lust
Tragedy in disguise of a blessing
A blessing in the form of a tragedy
You never know what time may bring from the shadows

I did learn of life from time
My physics teacher must be so proud
Time taught me that what comes from earth goes back to it
It will begin to end
It will rise to fall
Be it mighty mountains or a tiny house
All will someday crumble to the ground

I learnt only my soul is the most important
Because, time is infinite
My existence is finite
Schrodinger and Hawking did teach me a lot about time
But I found that life is not so tragic after all

Bliss is found in love

Him being the only constant by my side

There is nothing in the world that would matter

*Inspired by Jawad Khalid-Initially a response to his poem, “Physics”.