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A girl like her


She didn’t breath fire
Or had the strength to move mountains
I really never realized her existence
But she only appeared as a name in the class roll-call list
Ordinary and lost
Sitting in the back row
Chewing at her finger nails
I saw no universe in her eyes
Neither did the air dance around her skin
She was empty and void
Oblivious to the world
Consumed by her own thoughts

Like I said, I never noticed her at all
She had an empty expression
Greeted everyone with an empty smile
Not everyone in this world is supposed to be described
Through poetry or prose
She was happy in her blissful solitude
I was miserable in my loneliness
And this is the only reason
I envied the girl who looked a lot like oblivion


Living is not easy.


Living is not easy
When you have regrets
Wrapped around your neck like a noose
When you have bitter memories
Decorated on your heart like a spider web

Living is not easy
When your eyes are blank and weary
And you have to drag yourself out of bed
Gulp down the last shot of whiskey to numb down
Fill your gut with pills to pass out

Living is not easy
When the past keeps you up till dawn
And you praise your demons for their wicked games
When the day seems unbearable and you need to escape
So you contemplate crashing your car on the highway

Living is not easy
When pieces of your broken heart begin to resonate in your veins
And you take pleasure in the pain
When darkness becomes your world
You hide under sheets during weekends to avoid friends

Living is not easy
I assure you that, my love
But I was born to struggle
I was born to gamble this life
Everything will fade away
And so will this life