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Let’s take a picture


Memories created with the intention of creating are as useful as platic surgery, they look pretty in the backdrop but are just as fake.

Love in loveless


I’ve always been against the notion of “hard” love.

A love that does more harm than good to your soul is not the sort of love you should strive for. Like a lot of things being in love sounds very poetic but living “a life with the love that you want” is an entirely different concept.

There is a moment when you need to decide that there is no place for a love that makes life hard.

A moment where you need to recognize that toxicity is not a synonym for liberation.

Love is a poetic concept but it should not make you dwell in riddles for long



Give yourself time and maybe you will be lucky enough to forget.
Time and human distress travel in parallel paths. Time does not heal. Human beings just get better at tolerating it. You get conditioned to the pain, making it a habitual part of your existence that puts an unstable mind into a more stable state.

Human beings do not like an unstable state of mind. Time is relative to pain in the sense of making us more tolerable and later immune to what had hurt us before.

Cheers to love!

Cheers to love!

At least if they take my soul, tonight
I can claim to die a happy man
Mostly, because i’ve lived a life with no regrets
And also because in this messed up world
I found someone like you
Someone, who can kiss me numb
Or give me heart ache of the dying sun



You know your are dead but you feel your heart beating and your lungs breathing.

The curtains are closed and the shimmer of the day still peeks in to your dark abode. Under the layers of blanket, you’ve comforted yourself.
4 in the evening and you had another glass of whiskey, two pills to put you down because one never does the trick.
The voices from the street tone down as the drowsy state of mind engulfs you.

What a lucky son of a bitch I am, you think to yourself, after mastering the art of not needing people in my life..I’ve mastered the art of not giving a fuck about time as well.

So, underneath the sheets you pat yourself on the back and fade out to nothingness.

Today is officially cancelled.