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Love in loveless


I’ve always been against the notion of “hard” love.

A love that does more harm than good to your soul is not the sort of love you should strive for. Like a lot of things being in love sounds very poetic but living “a life with the love that you want” is an entirely different concept.

There is a moment when you need to decide that there is no place for a love that makes life hard.

A moment where you need to recognize that toxicity is not a synonym for liberation.

Love is a poetic concept but it should not make you dwell in riddles for long.



The ballerina unchained herself
The shackles of despair broke off
In the air her muse played
She swayed with the fading memories
Under the dim lights of her glory
Her steps lingered with glitter
It rained whiskey that night
He swayed with her under the shadows
Held her close and pour love down her soul
The ballerina danced on her feet
Claiming freedom and love
He swayed with her
Finally, chaos found its light.

Piano muse


It is 45 minutes left to a new day. The clock will strike 12 and another day will peak through the hours.
The night will continue to sway in gloom and our shadows will dance, hands entwined to the piano muse.

Between gulps of whiskey you will tell me that when you were young there was a time when you were afraid of the dark because the shadows on the wall reminded you of monsters.

Between puffs of smoke I will tell you how loud noises scare me because my parents always fought and screams are what I heard that haunt me to this very day.

Today, while were young and high, two youths wasted and bruised by the past. The dark doesn’t scare you anymore because my shadow is always there with you. Loud noises don’t frighten me because I know that I can always bury my head inside your chest and shut the world out.

A broken dove


I’m a dove who fractured her wings and could not fly. I was in pain and you became the tree that sheltered me. Gave me a home so my poor bones could heal. Protected me from the raging storms and hid me from the catastrophic winds. I took refuge in your branches and claimed you my home. You stood tall in your glory, fighting for both of us.

Time went by and my broken wings healed. You saw me as I flew away and I didn’t hear you call me back. You didn’t try to captivate me. You encouraged me to soar the skies.

I guess, because you always knew that this broken dove would come back to you. No matter, how high she flew  or how many trees she claimed as hers, there is a part of her that only you will have.

You will welcome her with open arms, no matter how much time has passed and even if she crashes down from Eden, your branches will be the only place she will first take refuge.

For that, this broken dove cannot thank you enough.

Highway to heaven


We are cruising down the highway
With your legs resting on the dashboard
And my hands holding a smoke and the wheel

There is melancholy in the air
Something sadly beautiful about this
But, this seems so magically pure

Your lonesome eyes and mysterious ways
Captivated my heart from the start
And you became familiar like my reflection in the mirror

There is music in the air
Something that only we both hear
You and I only seem to dance to this muse

We have no beginning
But with you the end , I see
And with your heart mine too beats

Smoke and intoxicants
Only make you more intimate to me
Just like my shadow on the wall

We are cruising down the highway
With your legs resting on the dashboard
And my hands holding a smoke and the wheel

Secretly wishing for time to stop
Hoping it would not fade away
Beneath the sun and the myriad of stars

Praying you will forever stay.

Please, don’t break my heart.


I want to hold your hand and tell you that I have sorta fallen for you. Not in the sense of Romeo&Juliet but more like Fire&Air. I want to tell you that you mean an awful lot to me and I can fight the entire world for you, if I had to. I can fight till my bones collapse and my bloodied knuckles are reduced to nothingness.

I know you but I still don’t know you. You’re an open mystery and I want to solve you. You’re in my reach but your existence is beyond and like a star on a dark night, your glimmer is all I grasp.

You have been lighting up my world for some time, now and shun away the darkness that encapsulated me. But, I know you will break my heart and go away. See? even the thought of it aches.

You have your flaws but I can’t seem to acknowledge them, maybe because our flaws are the same and I have begun to cherish yours. I bet through your aura of indifference and happiness there lies sadness, I’ve seen a glimmer of it.

I sorta have fallen for you.
I like you.
Let me be your home?
Please, don’t break my heart

A chase


Its like I’m always running. Running from myself at times and mostly from others. I’ve been running for so long that I have forgotten the touch of others. Even my body feels foreign to me. I am numb inside and out. My soles are bruised and wounded, when I take a step away from others I feel nothing. I like feeling nothing.

I run and run in hopes of never encountering anyone.

Under the star filled sky and the shimmering moon or even the blazing sun in the vast desert, nothing stops me.

I don’t mind it now. I have split skin and torn lungs. My heart withered into a corner. I don’t bleed now from places where he jagged his claws. I don’t shed tears now in pain. I smile and run. I don’t give them the chance to tear me open and see my hollow insides bathed in memories. I even run from memories. I’m always running away and to be honest, I don’t mind it.

Its like I’m always running. Running from myself at times and mostly from others.