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Purple avenue.


I know it is you knocking on the doors whenever thunder comes. You know I will take you in like the last time I did. I will stand tall against the storm and provide you the shelter you need.

I know it is you screaming from beneath the sheets of illusion you wear. You want to shun out reality and seek solace in me because you know that I can stand the harsh realities of time and protect your dreams.

I know it is you running towards me when your infatuations go away. You end up with your broken heart on my doorstep, asking me to fix it. I do, because you know I have endured the pain of being broken to the core.

I know it is you sneaking up on me. Tip toeing in my life every now and then, asking for me to make you whole so you can only leave again. Walking down the purple avenue with your head up high and that childish grin.

Trust me love, I know it is you. I always have.


It was early morning and I was getting ready for school You made me toast and jam; my favorite because you knew I saw you had purple marks on your right eye and cheeks A black one on your arms and blue on your knees You told me last night you fell off the stairs And that daddy was asleep upstairs I believed you fell and those screams were not real I went to school and thought all day How does one fall and get hurt that way? I came back and we talked about school I did my homework and went to bed at noon I heard screams again at night   Saw daddy pull your hair and smash you on the wall to the right I saw it all and ran as fast as I could He was cursing and abusing as I struggled with him to leave you He smacked me too, I felt weak and dizzy to get up and fight I woke up in my bed and saw you more bruised than last night You tended my bruises  and made me feel all right I didn’t go to school the next day and that night you slept by my side You kissed my forehead and made me promise that I will be a good boy I feared daddy might come again with his belt and repeat it all again So I hugged you with all my might  I woke up in the morning relieved that you were still by my side The only difference was I saw blood stained sheets  And your corpse by my side.

It was early morning and I was getting ready for school
You made me toast and jam; my favorite because you knew
I saw you had purple marks on your right eye and cheeks
A black one on your arms and blue on your knees
You told me last night you fell off the stairs
And that daddy was asleep upstairs
I believed you fell and those screams were not real
I went to school and thought all day
How does one fall and get hurt that way?
I came back and we talked about school
I did my homework and went to bed at noon
I heard screams again at night
Saw daddy pull your hair and smash you on the wall to the right
I saw it all and ran as fast as I could
He was cursing and abusing as I struggled with him to leave you
He smacked me too, I felt weak and dizzy to get up and fight
I woke up in my bed and saw you more bruised than last night
You tended my bruises and made me feel all right
I didn’t go to school the next day and that night you slept by my side
You kissed my forehead and made me promise that I will be a good boy
I feared daddy might come again with his belt and repeat it all again
So I hugged you with all my might
I woke up in the morning relieved that you were still by my side
The only difference was I saw blood stained sheets
And your corpse by my side.

Cold Marble Floor




ImageDim red lights and the cold marble floor. A silhouette on the wall and palms infused with smell of hash. Cigarette burn on your legs and trembling fingers. Making way to the shiny object laying on the floor 3 inches far from where you are. Joy,Pleasure and pain awaiting a demented soul. Fingers quiver from the ecstasy to come, capillaries awaiting the joy.
A single slit-maybe another one- your legs loosen up and muscles twitch a little-pulse rate rises-another slit. A fissure on the wrist and now the show began. Droplets forming at unsteady distances on the track. You look at it. Smirking. Lanes of red with clots of red. Watch it form into a beautiful waterfall it will build up to be in a while. Anticipation lingers in every pore and every muscle. You don’t blink an eye just so you don’t miss the whole show. One drop makes it way down the circumference of your arm and falls. Gravity consumed it and the cold marble floor now stained. Watching your inner demons falls all hot and fire lit into the pits of cold and bleak floor. You watch it fall. You watch it stain. You watch it all.

Running Away (Chapter 6)



I woke up to Akram’s voice as he was talking to Jahaan Arra “So who is the guy who made her pregnant? Is he going to give money?”

I guess Fakhir had left after I fainted seeing Akram. Jahaan Arra proudly replied “It’s a young lad, senator’s son. I forgot his name…errrm..Fahad? No No Fakhir!  Fakhir is the lad’s name.”

“So is the business good? How much have you made off her till now?” again Akram inquired

“The business is just splendid. This little flower is in huge demand. The market flourishes on girls aged between 16 to 20 and you know? I made a few lacs on her. Have your share later. This is by far Akram the most beautiful piece you have brought me.” As she laughed her cruel mocking laugh.

I pretended to be asleep but heard every word of it. So this is who Akram was? A pimp who forced girls into prostitution? I fell in love with someone who didn’t even exist but was instead a façade for someone much more evil beneath. Everything he ever said was a lie and that very moment, my resolve about running away from here turned into steel.

“Ohh! I see you’re up.” Said Akram as I sat up in bed.

“What are you doing here now after leaving me at the mercy of these vultures?” I said as my voice broke crying.

“Vultures? I am one of these vultures honey, the moment I first saw you I knew that you would be a juicy piece, I wanted you and so I did whatever I had to in order to bring you to your knees. But, isn’t it nice here? Aren’t you having more fun than you did back in your stupid little village?”

The words and the way Akram said them hit me like a bullet. This was my fault, I deserved this for trusting someone so blindly. Akram than came towards me and placed his hand on my stomach “I see good news is coming. Hope it’s a girl.”

The thought disgusted me and in my disgust I screamed at the top of my lungs

“Never! This is my child and I own it, get your filthy hands off of it.”

While I was screaming, Akram grabbed me by my head and pulled me towards him “Such fire in you still, no wonder your majnu is having a good time.” I felt repulsed by the way he thought about me and Fakhir. Our relationship was so much more than just based on physical grounds. There was no lust but a bliss of innocence. But, perhaps a vulture like Akram can never truly understand this what it is like to love someone from the core of your spirit.

Akram left after that and I lay in bed adjusting my heavy stomach. I became even more aware of the fact that I should try escaping soon from here because now I have a life to save, and if time passes this it will become more difficult to pull such an act off.

 At night Fakhir came

“Durre! We leave tomorrow, I have it all perfectly planned. At 1 during the mujras I sneak you out the back and once you are out go towards the grassland, past that you’ll find a car waiting.”

My heart beat jumped and I could feel the adrenaline pulsating through my veins just by thinking about getting out from here. I was excited the whole night. Him and I dreamt about the future and what it had in store for us, I did have second thoughts about it but Fakhir assured me that I need not worry. It was the most beautiful night we both ever shared. Fakhir then left earlier than usual saying that he had to make arrangements.

I walked in the balcony viewing the rush of people down below. Lights- yellow, red and green all glittering, fading and dazzling. Rickshaws waiting outside on the street to take girls to their customers. Children hiding in corners and women dressed in heavy make up to hide their true age standing outside their doors and passing comments at men who passed by leering them in. At night Lahore transformed into a different world. A world that shone on the outside but on the inside held a dark core, numerous stories untold. A dark core that engulfs you like quicksand with no way out but to only drown; but here I was, a survivor. A person who was getting out of this dark hell and going to the lights above. I saw the sun sneak a peek from behind the tall buildings and apartments. My last day here and it felt nice knowing that.  I spent the entire day roaming the kotha seeing all the girls there and knowing that I shall be out of here soon.

“You seem awfully active today? Rest you’re carrying our future dancer.” I ignored such remarks and went straight to my room and prayed. It had been long since I knelt on the ground before a God but this somehow gave me hope. I found it ironic for a heart as dead as mine to hope and pray like this. Begging to a God that I had nearly rejected for a while. My tragedy had changed me. It felt time had adapted the pace of a turtle as I waited anxiously for Fakhir. I passed out and woke up to a knock on the door. Fakhir appeared with his face calm, but I could see the excited storm in his eyes that dreamed of better times ahead.

“We are leaving tonight Durre.” And with that he kissed me and assured that these are my last moments here. It was about 1:20 a.m when Fakhir got up and I saw a nervous twinkle in his eyes.

“Let me see if the path is clear, you then sneak out through the back balcony and make your way across the fields, okay?” I shook my head suddenly afraid, but he grabbed my hand and said with total sincerity “No matter what, I’m always with you.”

These words and his sincerity made me feel like I wasn’t a lost soul anymore, that somehow from the depths of all the darkness I had been drowning in, a soul had emerged which would take care of me and love me and never let me go. And so, I let fear go.

 He then went outside and I waited for his signal, then he appeared and waved for me to go. I grabbed my shawl and glanced back at the room. All those awful memories of Jahaan Arra and those men came back but in between those bitter memories came back the sweet ones spent with Fakhir and with this last look I headed out. Going to the back balcony, the kotha was roaring with music and the sounds of feet dancing but thankfully, nobody was in sight. I quietly made my way down to the stairs. I looked back because I felt someone was watching me but in the dark nothing was visible. I stepped outside the kotha and that single step felt as if a load of weight was lifted from my chest; the misery I had suffer was finally coming to an end, I was finally out. I then made my way through the small bazar and on to the way that led to the fields. I looked back at it all from the view point of a spectator. The whole community in lights and I in the dark, I laughed at the irony of this situation.

There was a tap on my shoulder and I looked back to see if it was Fakhir but instead I received a punch on the cerebral so hard that its density disoriented and I blacked out. I woke up to water on my face and a familiar voice. “You whore trying to run away huh?” as Akram shouted and lit his cigarette. My vision was a blur but I saw another dark figure lying at a distance, Fakhir. For a moment my breath stopped. I wasn’t going to let Akram get away with this! And so gathered up my strength to stand up and then grabbed his collar “You want me? Take me! But don’t touch him, do you understand?” hearing this, he grinned as I pleaded him not to hurt Fakhir. He kicked Fakhir to wake him up but even then I felt the pain of it. Some other men joined as well and by now Fakhir was fighting 5 men on his own as Akram held me by my hair. He kept shouting “Akram! Let her go” but Akram kept slapping my face to torture Fakhir.


“I’ve had enough of you.” Replied Akram as he threw me on the ground and leapt towards Fakhir and what followed was, devastating. Akram was a cruel soul who cared for none and the way all 6 men attacked Fakhir was horrible. I screamed and shouted for him to be let go but they didn’t. They had turned into animals – cruel and insane!  They punched him, beat him with bars, broke his tooth, broke his hands and still kept attacking him when he couldn’t even move. All I could do was scream and plead, but my words were falling on deaf ears, when Akram finally have had enough fun beating up Fakhir did I get a clear view of my poetic lover’s body. I saw Fakhir lying on the ground nearly unconscious with his body broken down and life going out of him with each passing breath, the view killed me from the inside and out. My poetic lover on dirt covered in blood and bruises, his clothes torn apart and broken bones. Seeing him in pain was like a stab in stomach a million needles in my heart till I saw Akram approaching me and give me an unexpected kick on the stomach. I heard Fakhir scream at a distance to what he witnessed; his final scream

and Akram kicked me once more and yelled “To hell with you and your baby. Die bitch”.

 I wished to scream or to make a sound but the intensity of pain was so high that blackness gathered in my vision, I felt weak from my head to my toes and collapsed on the ground. I felt something wet on my clothes when I gained a bit consciousness and came to my senses that I realized that Akram had murdered my child. The child who was my only reason to escape in the first place now lay dead inside of me and I couldn’t protect it. Then came Akram’s abuse and more beatings till I saw Jahaan Arra was there too. I looked at Fakhir only to see him unconscious on the ground.

“Leave this majnu here! He’s a goner anyway, pick this whore up” as Akram grabbed me by the hair and dragged my body, I had my last look at him. My poetic lover. I cried not because I knew my time had ended, I didn’t had much to hope for anyway, but because I knew Fakhir was in this state because of me, the young man who could have been so much! I grieved the loss of my child, my only hope.

The world was made by a God and God planned this fate for me. My life flashed in front of me. Was I not the same as Gods other children to meet an end so cruel? What did Fakhir do to deserve this? Why did my child get killed this way? I felt Akram and another man grabbing me as they threw me in the pits of the sewer… As my body crashed against the wet floor of the sewer, I felt life oozing out of me as well.

My time is here,

I could not escape

A soul that was forever a slave

But maybe now when this earthly time has end

I shall be free in another world to truly live or

Run away…

A very special thanks to Tayyab Tanvir for being so supportive all the way with this story and Fakhir Munir for helping me out when i got writer’s block.

Running Away (Chapter 5)



“So what did you decide Durre?” that was the first thing he asked as he gave me a peck on my forehead like he always did when he came.

“I’m going to come.” I said and saw how bright his face lit up, he smiled at me and his eyes sparkled.

“I’m so happy! I can’t express what I feel right now, you and the baby! I promise I’ll work as hard as I can to provide for you. Don’t worry and I’ll make sure……” I interrupted him there

“How do you plan on taking me from here Fakhir?” and his face that glowed like a star dimmed again.

“I’ll talk to Jahaan Arra when I leave.”

And the time we spent together that day was anticipated to be the beginning of my new life.

The next day when Fakhir came, I knew he had talked to Jahaan arra the previous night. He had a look on his face that was hard to read, it is said that the face communicates half of the things but what I saw in Fakhir’s face was not hope or joy but a look of dismay and worry.

“What did Jahaan Arra say? Did you talk to her? Are we leaving this place?” I exploded with questions as he stayed quiet and sat right next to me, his eyes showed no joy no happiness but a sadness that reflected a fresh wound placed on his heart.

“Durre I did talk to her, she said I can come meet you but it’s against the rules to sell new girls off and she’s demanding millions for you. I don’t have that sort of money Durre, my father will never pay me to buy you from here.” and with that it all went numb for me, my heart that had started to learn how to live again died. Like someone suffocating you, killing you with a dagger slowly and with every hit the wound gets deeper and more lethal till the blood runs out and the pulse dies out.

I sat in the corner and started to cry, Fakhir kept consoling me, hugged me all through the night but I was right, no hope for my soul was better than any hope at all. At least that way I knew I wasn’t going to be broken and built up only to be broken again. It is funny how we don’t know how far we can tolerate unless we test ourselves but still we try surviving and fighting regardless of the results. Never in my wildest imagination had I ever thought about being here but I was, never had I thought I would be placed in a situation as such but I was, my life had burnt like a cigarette and the ash was now crumbling, gently decaying to the end. The ember, fading away as I dropped my life onto the dirt. Hearing the sizzling of heat in the end. I was more numb than disappointed because hope abandoned me. That light at the end of the tunnel was out now and I was to stray and die in this darkness. Fakhir left the morning and I lay in bed all day long thinking about the life I had in me, this child was mine and I would be the sole person to bring it in this world to be responsible for whatever this child faces. No father and mother a prostitute- born with the worst luck possible.

I could now feel Akram dragging me through then van by my hair but the pain of this dead child was far worse than that, my life and my sole reason to be alive was dead. He kicked me more and so did a couple of other men, spat on me, kicked my face and my jaw cracked but all I could grieve about right now was my child.

I remember the day when it all happened, followed like a storm and my last memories played a bitter cruel symphony. After some days, I remember Fakhir coming to me and the first thing he said was “let’s run away Durre. Let’s just get out of here.” I was now determined not to give this child the environment the kids here faced, the status that harami children were given by the society yet it was this society who made them in the first place. Men who buy love and pleasure and then disposed the outcomes of it like tissue paper. Humans who prayed and feared God in the eyes of others but denounced him in the core of their hearts. Sinners, all of them, pretending to be saints in the eyes of others. Betraying people and themselves. The world works in different ways and bends accordingly to people and there are no rigid rules for it. Akram, Fakhir, Jahaan araa and me all part of the puzzle pieces fitting into a picture that presented not so jolly view but a scene that reflected misery, sorrow, and despair.

Days passed and my belly started to swell, I started to grow fond of the little life inside me. I started to feel the baby kick me and that spread a life in me that made me want to survive this all. I didn’t take clients after my first trimester and Fakhir used to come only now and bring me all kinds of things, he really took care of me. We even decided names of the baby. If it were a girl, we were going to name her Fatima and if it were a boy, we were going to name him Shahraiz. The only light in my dark life was the holes made by this tiny individual in me and for once I felt what my mother would’ve felt with me. It made me think how my running away from home had hurt her. I imagined and cried as much as I could. I wanted to talk to her, to say that I’m sorry for hurting her. I know I wasn’t a good daughter ever but now about to be a mother myself I felt what my mother felt like. Moreover, that day when Fakhir came early andI told him what I was feeling “do you have a phone?” I asked

To which he cheekily replied “want to talk to my other girlfriends eh? And yes I do!”

“No! I need to talk back home, just to hear my Ama’s voice. Please let me call her?”

It had been ages since I said the word Ama out loud and openly confessed to Fakhir that there hasn’t been a day in my life that I missed the warm embrace of my mother, her smell, the touch she had and the songs she hummed while I rested my head on her lap-I began to cry.

“Do you have a contact number Durre? Let’s call her.”

We didn’t really have a phone back home in the village but there was this shop where every relative of the people who lived in the called and I had it memorized. I remembered it and immediately Fakhir called home. My pulse raced and I was anxious, a man picked up and Fakhir explained that he’d like to talk to Malik Munir’s wife and then handed me the phone, after a while I heard a woman’s voice “asalamualikum! Who is it?” I wanted to speak but I couldn’t, it was ama-my ama. Her face began to come in my mind and tears filled my eyes. “Ama it’s me, Ama your Durr e Shahwar.” I said in a shaky voice. I heard Ama’s voice in tremble and then I heard crying “Meri Bachi! Are you okay? Where are you? Where did you go? Come back! We forgive you but please come back.” Ama went on and on and I stayed quiet, I wish I could tell her where I was now and what I was facing but it was way late and I had already disappointed and broken her heart once, if I told her my condition now I knew my mother would die of sorrow. “I’m okay ama, I’m happy! Don’t worry” that’s all what I managed to say when I broke up crying and I heard ama “don’t lie! Where are you come back? Don’t lie to your mother, I gave you birth I know you.” And I disconnected the phone; I could not talk to her anymore. I got to know that no matter what your parents forgive you because you are a part of them and nobody can stay mad at their own child forever. I felt happy in a sad kind of way after talking to her.

“Durre please don’t cry. I’m here and one day I shall take you with me.” Said Fakhir

“WHEN!?! I know I cannot get out of here so stop with the lies, there is no hope for me ever getting out of here. I’m an insect here just like all of these girls here and one day eventually you’ll get tired of me and leave like everyone does. In the end I will have nobody but myself and that’s the truth that I have come to face. Stop with the fake lies and building hope.” I screamed at him

“How about we run away from here? Escape?” said Fakhir but his tone of voice was calm

“How Fakhir? That’s not possible! How will “we” escape and you take me away from here?”

“I have been thinking about it, and made a plan. I smuggle you out of the Kotha during the working hours and when we get away from this place we’ll go to the mountain area for a while because I know Jahaan Arra will look for you.”

I was determined to take this baby away from this place or if I do give it birth here I planned on killing it to meet a future so devastating and I was to take any risk possible to save my child.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked

“Well only if you’re willing, I can take you out of here. During the mujra’s all the kotha is busy so in that time I get you out of here through the back side, we’ll cross the grass fields and the gate and go straight to the road that links to the railway tracks. I’ll park my car on the side and we can leave. I hope you can move that fast, but I have it figured out with precision.”

“When do we leave?” I had made up my mind that this was a plan worth trying

“On Thursday, two days from now. I need to make certain arrangements.”

And with that I was on a new journey that was only to be made by me and my child.

There was a knock on the door but Jahaan Arra knew when Fakhir’s in my room I don’t take any clients but then the door opened and I saw his face, the man responsible for bringing me here was in the room. Akram! That bastard with the same aura was there, that sinister grin and the same style of a cigarette in hand.  Where did WE go Akram? Why did you leave me this way to suffer? I called out for you, why didn’t you? You do know we traveled a long way before you left me. I used to find meaning in those unspoken words of yours and now even in this silence I don’t understand a thing. WE had a world planned together Akram. In those silent nights we had a world planned out. Why did you do this to me Akram? Where did WE go Akram?” as I asked these questions an infinite time in my mind when I saw his face. My face reflected terror, love, confusion and so many emotions at the same time. I glanced at Fakhir sitting next to me and then at Akram by the door, my head started to spin and it all faded out…

The Haunted Mansion


The Haunted Mansion

(12:03 a.m. Friday).It’s completely dark in this room. The cold mountain air send’s chill down my spine. Glad to have had found this flashlight and this pile of papers and pen. I don’t know what to do. I am alone. I need help but am scared to even make a sound. The only thing left for me to do is now wait! Wait for that horrifying monster to come find me, up till then I’ll just write my thoughts down they always help me relax after all I am a writer. He is going to find me and that is an inevitable truth and he is going to kill me. The horrible creature is going to quench his thirst with my blood. It’s still 5 hours and 35 minutes for the sun to come up and in this time limit my fate shall decide whether I live or die an agonizing death like my partners.Life has a way of turning from heaven to hell with in a second and that is just what happened to me. A week ago I was considering myself to be the most blessed person on the planet. My life was good. I had a great job and got promoted two days back and I was going to get married next spring. My hell started when the producer of our show organized a trip to Romania for us to check a place out in the ruins of Transylvania. Transylvania is a beautiful place. Simply stunning surrounded by mountains. It is associated with the horror genre generally. The type of theme the show required. I worked in a television show where I wrote a script and we went to check out super natural activity in various parts of Europe. I had been working in this field for the past 5 years and in reality never encountered any supernatural activity. We just pretended for the sake of entertainment. I wrote down every tiny detail of the act to be followed. I wrote the whole script in such a way so the viewers would still believe in the world of the UNKNOWN MAGICAL CREATURES. People like to believe in this stuff because it still keeps the child inside them alive to think that there is a world beyond ours.vampires,werewolves,Dracula,fairies,ghost’s and other magical creatures.Our flight landed on Friday morning and we made our way to the region where the shoot was going to take place. A mansion to be precise. When we finally reached I lay my eyes upon the most gargantuan and morbid building ever. I stepped outside the car with my eyes still fixed on it. The paint on the mansion seemed as old as the building itself. Spider webs covered the front of it. Dirt and scum was oozing out of the small cracks. The front lawn had wild bushes and a massive tree on which many crows sat silently. Two gargoyles stood on the top corner of the roof. PERFECT! We found out from a local that accompanied us that the building is 300 years old and were built by a scientist who was in search of the magical beings. No one ever knew what happened to the mad scientist he disappeared suddenly but since then it is empty. The locals of the area don’t go in the mansion anymore as it is said that the scientist still haunts the place and is transformed into some ugly petrifying monster.no one ever saw the so called monster but the myth still remains. The local left immediately. We went inside. The mansion from the inside was very elegant. From the walls to the roof all was carved with wooden work. In the center hung a vast chandelier the most beautiful I ever lay my eyes upon. The floor was covered with red carpet and the smell inside was enchanting. The sun rarely shines in this region but the light from the upper window seemed to put one in an alluring trance.my crew mates and I set up our cameras and lights. All ready for the act! We had to shoot our first episode by dusk so that we may shoot another one by tomorrow and get out of this creepy place. Jason our cameraman shouted 3, 2, and 1 so that the act began! There were 5 of us. The 3 actors followed the script I wrote down. Night fell and we ended the session. While, packing the equipment Alan got up to use the loo Miranda accompanied him as she needed to freshen up too. After sometime I heard a devastating scream. I ran with Jason and lee to the place where the scream came from. There what we saw was terrifying! There in the pool of blood lay Miranda with her eyes dilated and her jaw vastly opened with blood dripping from it. Her shirt was all bloody and half ripped from the left side. There was only an empty cavity in the place where her heart used to be. I could see right through her the flesh and muscle. We gathered the courage to go look inside the bathroom and found Alan lying in his blood with his left eyeball out hanging on his face and his face covered with fresh blood. He had an empty cavity on the left side as well. We went downstairs to the main hall and left them there as they were we couldn’t tell anyone about it because there is no cellular reception here. We wanted to leave the place immediately but when we went outside we came to find that all four tires were flat and there was no cellular network coverage. We were stuck for the night and the local village was 15 miles away though the mountains .we sat down to figure things out. But couldn’t find a logical conclusion to what had happened to our fellow mates or our car. Lee suggested that it might be haunted for real But I thought he was just being foolish as no such things exist now do they? All 3 of us went to the corner room and decided to stay there till dawn. Then we would get out of this place. Jason remembered that he had forgotten his bag down the hall and the three of us went together to get it. We had only a single candle which was soon going to finished, so the three of us made our way down the hall when a sudden rush of breeze came and our candle extinguished. The only light remained was now of the moon. We were almost to the main lounge when a sudden dog like creature jumped in front of us. It had greyish black fur and sharp teeth.it was 9 feet tall I guess and wide thrice the size of a sumo wrestler. All I remember after that is running. I had this adrenaline rush and I ran! I ran as fast as I could and the scream of my fellow mate still echoes in my head as the monster tore him into half and he screamed with excruciating pain. After 15 minutes I don’t know where I was in the mansion but I was sure that the dog like creature was nowhere in sight. I don’t know whether lee is alive or not as we both ran not caring for the other. EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF if you ask me. But I do know that Jason is dead. The monster ripped him apart. I can still see his head in between the creature’s dog like jaw. This room where I’m hiding from the hideous creature is the library. And so here I am writing about what had happened. It’s 1:00 am now and I hear someone walking outside and I know it’s him. He is going to rip me in halves as well and take my heart. I am staring death in the eyes now. He will find me and take my heart. These are my last thoughts and this is what happened to me and my crew. If someone someday finds them please if you have time run! Save yourself from the heart eating monster before its too late. Jannet Jameson (writer of The Supernatural)

The pursuit of Imagination


Ever since a child Daniel had a very solid imagination, he would believe everything he was told and everything he read and even believed every dispatch sent out by his overheated imagination. Every night his mother would read him a bed time story and he believed every bit of it to be true whether it was the witches of east and west or the Halloween ghouls. His mother related to him as a knight who would save the world from evil and so as time passed he started looking at human beings from a mystical point, convinced that in every person lay a good and evil character and that somehow they all fit in his very own story. “You are what you believe to be” was what stuck in his mind in all those childhood years and he believed in it even now and in that belief he considered himself to be very lucky because even then he knew that there were people in this world whose imaginative senses were either completely numbed or dead out, calling them to be imaginatively colorblind, often did people held him in contempt for it and pitied his wild ideas but Daniel couldn’t care less. Now every child is like that isn’t he? Well for Daniel his beliefs were his only cherished possession and this of course gave him his fair share of sleepless nights but he wouldn’t trade a lifetime of restful nights for the colors and textures his imagination and the voice filled him with.  A voice which only communicated with him when silence crept up and told him tales of the unknown creatures, as time passed he was convinced  that the voice was his connection to another dimension where all the magical creatures lay. Daniel remembers very lucidly how once he had a parrot and the voice approached him and with whispers and mumbles  told him that “inside his parrot lay a mystical dragon” and at once he was overcome by the desire to slash the parrots neck with the sharpest knife he could fine and open it up. Oh! How he had loved the feeling of it. It was a feeling of pure completeness and ecstasy that he had ever known. The gush of blood spurting out form the parrot’s jugular the final shriek of pain was a kind of sweet melody to his ears.  He loved the smell of blood the warmth of the body the flesh as it turned from deep red to a pale white and he very well believed that he saw a soul of a dragon emerging out of the parrot’s body.

He grew up and times change but even though facing the realities of this world he still had his imagination intact and the voice too…the voice advanced him only in the silence of the night and talked to him telling him tales of the unknown land where lay unicorns and princesses and elves and witches. Daniel worked as a cardiac surgeon in a local hospital and there was where he met his wife or as he liked to relate it to his princess and soon enough the love blossomed into something that every being in life could ask. Having everything one could ever want a loving wife and a beautiful baby girl. Love peace and serenity which every human desires .yet he always felt as if something inside him was missing as if there was a void inside him that could not be filled. Whenever he made love to his wife he always had this temptation to free the princess inside her and with every relationship the flame dimmed and dreamer Daniel couldn’t acknowledge the fact that things won’t always be sparkling and bright. He couldn’t find the answers to as why was this void inside him growing shallow by the minute? He had his fairytale complete or so he thought he did for they never told what happened in those happily ever after’s afterwards now did they?  Things don’t always remain beautiful and lively and have to die out sooner or later, just as a diamond in the dark is like any other stone of no brilliance whatsoever.

As time passed Daniel began to feel indifferent to many matters, once during making love to his wife he sliced a mark on her just to hear her scream and set free the princess that lay inside her-her screams sent chills down his spine and he wanted to feel that pleasure again and so he would every now and then deliberately try to harm his wife to set free the princess inside her-to set her free of this earthly body his wife thought that this was a phase and would pass away little did she know what fate had in store for her? on 25th May while Daniel was reading for he always read at night the influence of the voice grew strong inside him just like it did when he set free the dragon inside the parrot and even though he suppressed it a million times, today the voice kept mumbling in his mind and he felt as he was under a trance “set the princess free for it has been too long”. Daniel got up and went to the kitchen where his wife was cleaning up after dinner; he went over and felt her skin to skin. She smiled and kissed him. He took a deep breathe. And put his hand on her in a way that his thumb was pressing down on her jugular vein.  He knew that this would stop the blood to her brain meanwhile, his other hand was pressing down on a particular point near her armpit causing the muscles to seize up. There were no contractions, not even a single sound or a shriek she was unconscious. He then picked her up and took her to the attic. Looking at the lifeless body beautifully laying there the voice inside mumbled “set the princess free for it’s been too long” and so he then proceeded to tie her up with a pole and clean the area around. After an hour she woke up with, her vision was blurry and couldn’t recall what had happen. Her hands were sore with pain and she soon realized that she was chained to the pole. She opened her eyes clearly and now was in a state of pure familiarity with the person sitting in front of her on an old dusty trunk.  The attic smelled of formalin and wet dusty wood. She tried to speak but couldn’t, her throat was dry and she needed water. She finally managed to mumble a few breathless dry words “what’s this Daniel?” and all he could say was “I want to set the princess inside you free. Please understand. It’s trapped inside you and she wants her freedom” he then proceed to make a slight cut on her neck as a drop of blood formed at the edge of the wound and dropped on the floor like carnal paint. She cried with pain and begged to be let go for she was mildly aware that her husband was fascinated by fairytales but couldn’t believe that this madness would take such a toll, the wicked and divine lover would turn out to be an evil and sinister bastard. But Daniel knew that he had come so far and there was no going back because things could never be the same. He undressed her and looked at her. A body that he had seen so many times had a different vibe now. It wasn’t a body he made love to but a body he was going to pursue now in the name of passion to find the answer of his curious imaginative mind. Imagination is the cradle of credence and in that cradle lay Daniel with a grey heart and too him nothing mattered more than his belief. He had all his medical equipment with him. Slowly he began making tiny segments on her body. She cried and tried as hard as she could to escape the clutches of the chain but it was strong and she was tired and helpless against the man she loved with all her might. Screaming didn’t work for the attic was sound proof. He then took out a bottle of sulphuric acid filled some in a dropper and began pouring it on the wounds he had made deriving pleasure from her hurting and satisfying his sadist desires. He loved the way she screamed in pain and agony. He pleasured himself while setting the princess free alas! He made love to her earthly body in bruises and injures, then again started on business because now he couldn’t wait to see the princess. She cried and yowled.  Daniel pretended not to listen as he was doing it in the name of belief. He then started peeling her nails out of her body as blood ran down and she helplessly cried in agony and then chopped of her ring finger with a blade because a knife would be too quick and less painful. One by one he began chopping of all her fingers and she cried and cried. When the bone meets the blade he had to put more force into it and he loved that. Going at it more enthusiastically now .She went unconscious with the pain. He waited for her to wake up and then the pain filled extravagancy began yet again… she screeched and wailed, but he was overcome by the voice and finally he slit her throat open with a knife.  The princess was free and the warm blood soaked his clothes and the blood gushing filled his face with a warmth and satisfaction he had not known once from his childhood. He then made pieces of her slice by slice. Head, legs, arms, hands, feet, chest, her heart everything was put into order. He then took out the preserving mixture of formalin and alcohol filled it up in various bottles and began putting the body parts in it one by one. He looked at her heart which was now turning purple and tasted it with the tip of his tongue and thought to him “the heart of a princess”. When it finally came to the head he kissed it. The gentle touch reminded him of her but he had no regrets for he was happy and contended. He had finally set her wife free after being with her for the past 15 years, he sat there for some time while the voice inside his head praised him for his act of emancipating the princess and the sun shone now from the window and he realized that his daughter would have woken up for school by now and he went downstairs. There on the table sat blonde haired and blue eyed Elizabeth, she resembled her mother so much and as he came close Elizabeth asked “daddy! Do you know where mommy is? I can’t find mommy where is she?” and at once the voice whispered “she’s your princess too, set her free now and the knight shall live forever” and with that he replied “sure princess! Let me show you where she is” and with those final words he kissed her and took her in his arms and climbed the attic stairs and the door behind him went shut.

Through the eyes of a mad man



Life is a bitch for most people in this world just when you think everything falls in perfection it takes a turn and screws you over. This was my story too; I was an aspiring musician with high hopes and big dreams. I’ve had my share of misery and failure and whenever I felt god was finally making things turn into my account it all went crashing down. I was tired of trying over and over again. My parents never really gave a shit about what I did and they never appreciated my music. Nothing seemed to be right until she came; I met this girl in a gig I was performing. She looked perfect and I immediately felt my heart sank… felt a lump in my throat. I was nervous. She was my love at first sight and when our eyes met I knew she was the one.  I went up and talked to her we exchanged numbers and our walk in the world of love began.  Soon enough we were head over heels in love. I could tell her my deepest darkest secrets and wouldn’t be afraid. I could trust her .I didn’t know about her much and her mysterious ways made me long for her more. Everything was perfect the pieces of the puzzle falling together and then it all went crashing down.  It was 15th of May, me and her were taking our occasional late night stroll hand in hand when she started playfully running and I chased after her, she kept going and so did I and soon realized that we had gotten into the woods it was dark and silent. She stopped and looked back at me, she had grin on her face not the one I recognized she lifted her eyebrow and her eyes dilated. she gave a half smile of misery and joy, the expression was new and I didn’t know what to make of it and then she spoke but this voice wasn’t hers it was a growl…. a ferocious growl of an animal.  I wanted to runaway but I froze in terror and fear as if all the life from my legs had disappeared and my color turned pale.

She spoke “I know you’re scared but baby don’t be” and that’s when she laughed a horrific laughter and started chanting “Salem! Salem! Iuventutis quam Rex sorores avidas. Vae! non stabit in aeternum Regnum, ait Rex, infernum,Sed, dum veniat Supernum, Dabo vobis victimas. ” I  grew more terrorized by what I saw before me the girl whose innocence I fell in love with was now turning into some animal I had never seen before. Her skin began to stretch and the mouth wide open now like a black hole, her eyes now turned blood red and her skin black and leather burnt, 15 feet tall and resembled a creature unknown. “Don’t worry! I can take any shape dear child because I am the dark lord. I know you’re sick of life and you are tired of trying, I’m not going to carry on any long stories so listen up I give you a choice I know you long to be famous and rich and for that I am willing to give you the best of this world on one condition” I was caught up in terror and wanted to run but couldn’t and so I asked “what condition?” and it spoke with a terrorizing tone “sell your soul to me and in return I will give you fame and fortune and everything you desire” I replied “what do I have to do for you?” and it laughed “you have to sacrifice a human every Friday and drink its blood to commemorate and rejoice this pact. You have time to think about it” and with a flash of lightning and thunder it disappeared the red sky turned black again and silence again swept the woods. I blacked out with fear on the spot and when I woke up it was nearly dawn. I gathered my strength and walked back home, thinking all that had happened last night and confused if it was a dream or reality. Deep down I wished it was a dream but couldn’t bring myself to believe it. I came home and slammed the door of my room shut and collapsed on my bed for god knows how long because when I was conscious again it was dark and the whole day had passed. I took out my cellphone and tried her number but it seemed that the number was never active. I went to her apartment but the people around said nobody lived in it for a decade now. My inner fear grew strong. I went home and the usual week followed. I tried forgetting what happened in the woods but  couldn’t, usual nagging of my parents and friends, the feeling of life heading nowhere and seeing less talented people who did crappy music become more famous and rich boiled my blood! I was better than the rest of them and this is what I got no appreciation and no recognition. I wanted more out of life and was determined to get it in whatever way possible. Later the week I had made up my mind I went to the woods again and chanted the same words the devil that night had said before me and the sky turned red and with a sound of thunder and a bolt of light it appeared and soon before I knew it on 25th May I sold my soul to the devil and made a pact. Time went by and things grew in my favor, I was famous, rich and was respected. But nobody knew what I gave to get this in return. Every Friday I killed, I picked one of my fans as they were an easy target took them to my place and while I chanted my satanic hymn I sacrificed and drank the blood of my kill as Lucifer watched over me. The victims of my sacrifice disappeared when I woke up the following day. I had everything I ever wanted, I was the most influential person in the music industry yet I felt empty and miserable. I couldn’t go to sleep at night because the screams of my victims haunted me. I was caught in the clutches of my own misery. I stopped killing and went to my own life again but nobody knew recognized me now and the cycle from which I had once escaped had come to haunt me again. I went in the woods again and I died in the spot I once achieved everything from.  “Hear me for I am the puppet of the devil as I have sinned and my soul will be damned in hell, I seek no forgiveness and offer no prayer, for I became his child. Hear me now and see the world through the eyes of a mad man here I hang.”

These were my final words and you would be probably wondering where I am now aren’t you? Don’t look behind you now because I might be closer than you think. I know what you’re feeling and going through call upon me and I shall help you dear child I won’t let life be a bitch to you. you’ve read my take and I am a part of your memory now and forever.