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A tale everyone should know.


Hear, hear! The tale everyone should know

It is 3 am and I know things that little girls shouldn’t know

God is sniffing coke on the terrace

Satan is drinking the night away in the corridor

Angels are dancing in the living room

Religion is dead and your beliefs don’t count

Hear, hear! The tale everyone should know

Adonis and Aphrodite are getting it on in the bathroom

Humans keep chasing love

Love keeps chasing heartbreak

Every step humans take towards love

A grave dug out for a dead heart and soul, instead

Hear, hear! The tale everyone should know

Sanity does not exist and insanity is just another word

Your mind is a little bitch

It plays tricks on you when you least expect

Nothing is pure or sweet

Even your existence is impure and bitter

Hear, hear! The tale everyone should know

You get intoxicated to say the things you cannot say

Sober you is programmed to fit in

You lock yourself up in your house

With God, Satan and Angels

Talking about life and death

Oblivion and the past

Hear, hear! The tale everyone should know

Would you love or hate the people you claim to die for?

Knowing that in the end they’re nothing but bones and dust

Would you smile in the face of death next time

Knowing you lived a life that was a gradual demise

Dancing under the moonlit sky my soul and I


I kept looking at this person in the mirror which was now a soul instead of a body on display. Drunk and high, exhibiting the true colors it possessed. My soul. My body long gone.
My soul looked inside to search for all the secrets it hid, all the colors it didn’t show and all the stories it cherished untold.
I saw a person who was at war with himself. Mentally torn and dejected from its own being. Striving for a better future to put the pain of past away, tucked it under the rug and pretended that it was not there.
The body asked the soul in the mirror, “What have I become?”
The soul in the mirror had no answer but just wept at the state of what the body had become.
The soul in the mirror and the body on display started talking. They talked in poetry, short verses and pieces of prose.
“Live, Die, Live, Die, Colors, Sadness, Happiness, Obtain the needs, Consume more, Search for a new happiness, Pursue happiness, Never be happy”
The soul swayed like a pendulum with the body, they both moved parallel that night under the starlit sky and the silver moon.
They danced until they became one and then went different ways.
The soul to sky and the body to the earth.
The soul looked down at the body, now grinning, saying

“It isn’t love if its not painful, it isn’t love if it doesn’t make you suffer”

The body looked at the scars and smiled,

“It isn’t love until its lost”

I learned with time


I have spent years in mosques praying and worshiping to God. Bruised my knees in total submission hoping that he would hear.
I have carried Him for years in my pocket like a pill that would soothe the pain away.

I have spent ruthless nights being drunk on the sidewalk with nothing but loneliness by my side. Smoking with strangers in corridors sharing nothing but silence and empty looks.

I have spent blissful days where I kissed the devil on the lips and danced in the glory of love. Angels greeted me with grins on heavens door.

I searched for peace and tranquility. I looked for the truth of my existence and howled like the wolf in the face of all the questions. I did it all and lived to find an answer. Nothing served as feasible logic but I learned,
I learned to forgive men, for carrying hatred in your own heart is nothing but poison
I learned to love without regret,for that served as the best fuel to my heart
I learned to let go of things not meant to be because for what is not yours now, never belonged to you in the first place
I learned to be kind because in the end that is what the planet needs

I might not have found the answers to my existence but I am on the path towards learning and in the end be a better human being for I learned that money, fame, love and possessions don’t matter

What matters is when you lay yourself to bed at night you can go to sleep without any regrets on your mind.



1-19-08-bathing_in_the_graveHear me for I am human

Hear me for I am a soul

Trapped in an earthly vessel

Made up of stardust and gold


Came into this world covered in blood

Decaying the minute, my existence fashioned

Following footprints of men before me

Then is my entity different then who came before me?


 Instilled with concepts and ideas since birth

Destiny, Fate, Prayers and Freewill

Angels, Demons, Creatures, and God

 Illusion, reality a haze in all


To be with nature I destroyed it all

Followed a path for a lost cause

Destroyed and ruined fertile lands

Killed and betrayed my fellow men


Termites in my roots

A captive of my thoughts

Like and empty glass

Waiting for humankind to fall


Cheated and betrayed

Loved and lost

Encountered it all

And broke like a china doll


Gathered up my bits

And glued them up

For I am human

Better than all? 


Life then came to a halt

And I realized late to change the past

Guilty and remorse is now what remains

My footprints not different from others after all?


Lying in this grave dark and cold

Dear ones crying on my stone

Now nothing can be done for the time is gone

Now I shall say forevermore


Hear me for I am human

Hear me for I am a soul

Trapped in an earthly vessel

Made up of stardust and gold




Through the eyes of a mad man



Life is a bitch for most people in this world just when you think everything falls in perfection it takes a turn and screws you over. This was my story too; I was an aspiring musician with high hopes and big dreams. I’ve had my share of misery and failure and whenever I felt god was finally making things turn into my account it all went crashing down. I was tired of trying over and over again. My parents never really gave a shit about what I did and they never appreciated my music. Nothing seemed to be right until she came; I met this girl in a gig I was performing. She looked perfect and I immediately felt my heart sank… felt a lump in my throat. I was nervous. She was my love at first sight and when our eyes met I knew she was the one.  I went up and talked to her we exchanged numbers and our walk in the world of love began.  Soon enough we were head over heels in love. I could tell her my deepest darkest secrets and wouldn’t be afraid. I could trust her .I didn’t know about her much and her mysterious ways made me long for her more. Everything was perfect the pieces of the puzzle falling together and then it all went crashing down.  It was 15th of May, me and her were taking our occasional late night stroll hand in hand when she started playfully running and I chased after her, she kept going and so did I and soon realized that we had gotten into the woods it was dark and silent. She stopped and looked back at me, she had grin on her face not the one I recognized she lifted her eyebrow and her eyes dilated. she gave a half smile of misery and joy, the expression was new and I didn’t know what to make of it and then she spoke but this voice wasn’t hers it was a growl…. a ferocious growl of an animal.  I wanted to runaway but I froze in terror and fear as if all the life from my legs had disappeared and my color turned pale.

She spoke “I know you’re scared but baby don’t be” and that’s when she laughed a horrific laughter and started chanting “Salem! Salem! Iuventutis quam Rex sorores avidas. Vae! non stabit in aeternum Regnum, ait Rex, infernum,Sed, dum veniat Supernum, Dabo vobis victimas. ” I  grew more terrorized by what I saw before me the girl whose innocence I fell in love with was now turning into some animal I had never seen before. Her skin began to stretch and the mouth wide open now like a black hole, her eyes now turned blood red and her skin black and leather burnt, 15 feet tall and resembled a creature unknown. “Don’t worry! I can take any shape dear child because I am the dark lord. I know you’re sick of life and you are tired of trying, I’m not going to carry on any long stories so listen up I give you a choice I know you long to be famous and rich and for that I am willing to give you the best of this world on one condition” I was caught up in terror and wanted to run but couldn’t and so I asked “what condition?” and it spoke with a terrorizing tone “sell your soul to me and in return I will give you fame and fortune and everything you desire” I replied “what do I have to do for you?” and it laughed “you have to sacrifice a human every Friday and drink its blood to commemorate and rejoice this pact. You have time to think about it” and with a flash of lightning and thunder it disappeared the red sky turned black again and silence again swept the woods. I blacked out with fear on the spot and when I woke up it was nearly dawn. I gathered my strength and walked back home, thinking all that had happened last night and confused if it was a dream or reality. Deep down I wished it was a dream but couldn’t bring myself to believe it. I came home and slammed the door of my room shut and collapsed on my bed for god knows how long because when I was conscious again it was dark and the whole day had passed. I took out my cellphone and tried her number but it seemed that the number was never active. I went to her apartment but the people around said nobody lived in it for a decade now. My inner fear grew strong. I went home and the usual week followed. I tried forgetting what happened in the woods but  couldn’t, usual nagging of my parents and friends, the feeling of life heading nowhere and seeing less talented people who did crappy music become more famous and rich boiled my blood! I was better than the rest of them and this is what I got no appreciation and no recognition. I wanted more out of life and was determined to get it in whatever way possible. Later the week I had made up my mind I went to the woods again and chanted the same words the devil that night had said before me and the sky turned red and with a sound of thunder and a bolt of light it appeared and soon before I knew it on 25th May I sold my soul to the devil and made a pact. Time went by and things grew in my favor, I was famous, rich and was respected. But nobody knew what I gave to get this in return. Every Friday I killed, I picked one of my fans as they were an easy target took them to my place and while I chanted my satanic hymn I sacrificed and drank the blood of my kill as Lucifer watched over me. The victims of my sacrifice disappeared when I woke up the following day. I had everything I ever wanted, I was the most influential person in the music industry yet I felt empty and miserable. I couldn’t go to sleep at night because the screams of my victims haunted me. I was caught in the clutches of my own misery. I stopped killing and went to my own life again but nobody knew recognized me now and the cycle from which I had once escaped had come to haunt me again. I went in the woods again and I died in the spot I once achieved everything from.  “Hear me for I am the puppet of the devil as I have sinned and my soul will be damned in hell, I seek no forgiveness and offer no prayer, for I became his child. Hear me now and see the world through the eyes of a mad man here I hang.”

These were my final words and you would be probably wondering where I am now aren’t you? Don’t look behind you now because I might be closer than you think. I know what you’re feeling and going through call upon me and I shall help you dear child I won’t let life be a bitch to you. you’ve read my take and I am a part of your memory now and forever.