Let us never think


We’re tired. It isn’t the type of exhaustion that would go away if we take a good nap. I mean, we are just really tired. Staring at blue screens, smoking, eating and trying hard to not think. We will go to absolutely any length in order to not think. Start meaningless conversations with people whose existence does not matter besides, a screen to kill time. Our conversations are cyclic. Monotone and unvaried. We aim to kill time for something better but the “better” never comes.
We’re tired, all of us. Plain expression, empty laughs and low on empathy.
Let us guise ourselves in shades of happiness. Regular meetings with friends, hugging in public, affection over phones and constant smiles.
We’re all tired but we won’t admit it because if we do then we think and thinking is what we are trying to avoid since the beginning.


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