Tranquilizers, is what they call them
Numbing all the senses
Putting a hush to your vain
Silence the noises in your mind at 2 a.m

You can get them off easy
‘Knowing the right people, always’ she says
I don’t disagree
In this world, you know them and they know you

It is amusing to see what a man would do
To feed the wolves of addiction
As lust carries on with its grace
Demons smile at you from behind the door

Yes, I need a mild anaesthesia, please
The usual kind that I get
Just enough to make me numb
Not enough to knock me out

“Coward, little brats”, the pharmacist mumbles
He wraps it up in brown paper
Money is his need
This liquid in the bottle mine

I ignore and walk away
Too happy to finally be numb, again


About Bano

I’m trying to find a better introduction but since, I can’t? Hello, welcome to my blog. I decided to write after a series of therapy sessions and a very serious manic episode. This blog is a dedication to how I have evolved as a person. I might someday start a commercial blog but no right now. Everything posted here *in my broken grammar and shit English* is how I have turned out as a person. Anyways, that is it. Bye!

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