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Twilight and Autumn


One day I will meet you

Under the vanilla sky

Twilight will smile at us

Our troubles will be a thing of the past


Till we meet, love

This is all I have

This is all I will ever have


I will seek you one day

On the slope beneath the willow tree

Autumn will kiss us on our cheeks

We will finally stop playing hide and seek


Till we meet, love

This is all I have

This is all I will ever have


I will find you

You will stop searching for me

Our thoughts will save us for once

Words will be enough for once


Till we meet, love

This is all I have

This is all I will ever have


Time will slow down its pace

Minutes won’t run like seconds

Hours will be like days

Everyone that you ever loved will be there


Till we meet, love

This is all I have

This is all I will ever have


A while, for a little while

The world will be ours to keep

I will be the lucky charm in your pocket

You will be the gold trumpet around my neck


Till we meet, love

This is all I have

This is all I will ever have

Cheers to love!

Cheers to love!

At least if they take my soul, tonight
I can claim to die a happy man
Mostly, because i’ve lived a life with no regrets
And also because in this messed up world
I found someone like you
Someone, who can kiss me numb
Or give me heart ache of the dying sun



This isn’t the type of poem
Where I say that I’m lost in the world
Hoping to be found
Or that the first person that comes to my mind when I’m blue
Can save me from my past demons

But, I will say this
Truth is, I’m not that lost as much as I’ve found myself
Being at a standstill is okay
Desperation and longing only fuel the fire
I’ll move when I’m ready to move

So, I have time till this life ends
God, knows how much I have left
But it is enough, i’ll pretend
2+2 isn’t 4
I think it is 7 and I’m allowed to be weird

People will crash into me
Or just pass me by
Some right things will go wrong
A lot of wrong things will just fit in right
I like to call this part “experience”, in my life

I can be 6 feet under
Or above the world
I’m allowed to walk into the room like a blizzard
Even become a gentle wave in someones life
I’m allowed and so are other people because we change

A friend taught me today
That what I may want
Might not want me
But, life is a game of charades
Either way it is fun to play



Tranquilizers, is what they call them
Numbing all the senses
Putting a hush to your vain
Silence the noises in your mind at 2 a.m

You can get them off easy
‘Knowing the right people, always’ she says
I don’t disagree
In this world, you know them and they know you

It is amusing to see what a man would do
To feed the wolves of addiction
As lust carries on with its grace
Demons smile at you from behind the door

Yes, I need a mild anaesthesia, please
The usual kind that I get
Just enough to make me numb
Not enough to knock me out

“Coward, little brats”, the pharmacist mumbles
He wraps it up in brown paper
Money is his need
This liquid in the bottle mine

I ignore and walk away
Too happy to finally be numb, again



What the world doesn’t know is that words are never enough

Words that we speak everyday

Have a universe of reason behind them

On the contrary, some are just as empty

But none that we use are ever enough

Whether to fuel our reasons

Or fill the silence with empty words

You can make a home out of words

And I’ve found comfort in them

You can burn in words

And I’ve cried when they were cruel

Words are magic, if you ask me

In them lies the power that I never could understand

So, I wrote myself 21 letters full of love and hate

Because to me they make sense

When nothing else makes sense

A lust for home


I’ve always believed that my soul is more chaotic than these feeble bones can hold. My heart has always been in a constant state of motion. “Always”, is a word that I use often but never do I fully surrender to this six letter word.
My footsteps have made way into people as if they were an enchanted forest and I had to find out the secrets. I’ve set fire to many houses once they served the purpose. My actions aren’t justifiable at times and my conscious long gave up. I have wounded my hands in trying to put the broken pieces of a mirror together.
It seems more enjoyable to put together the broken things I find, only to tear them apart once I have fixed them.
I found a new abandonment and made a home out of it. It seems to be burning me with a cold fire. Sometimes, it melts me on the outside but freezes my inside. I know that there is just as much hate in this world as there is love because, I break things here, only to mend them. I’ve been scratching away the old wallpaper for a while, now. I gave it a fresh coat of silver with a tint of red, but whenever I look away the paint peels to reveal her name.