Monthly Archives: January 2016

Hey, awake?


Your favorite quotes can tell a lot about you

When you put it up as your status

Or your favorite song

Why do you switch it on when you’re both driving around?

I heard you like to read that book, again and again

When the world has you down, it is all there is

Your favorite person can tell wonders about your soul

Even when you haven’t talked to them in ages

And so when you’re tucked in bed

Trying not to think about the world

You read Bukowski

Wonderwall starts playing in the background

And all you could do is reach out

With a

“Hey, awake?”


Wonderful, isn’t it?


Sometimes the walls close up on me

And then by the door stands sadness

As I curl in with my sins

Sometimes the walls close up on me


It seems like a carousel

A kaleidoscopic pattern of future dreams

Hanging in between hope and despair

It seems like a carousel


Am I alive or long dead?

Questions that cannot be answered

By the living or the dead

Am I alive or long dead?


I would chase down my demons

It is a pattern of loathing

As I run away farther but only come close to myself

I would chase down my demons


I think that the world inside is more colorful

Never coloring within the lines

Telling myself more truths than lies

I think the world inside is more colorful

Fears and distance


My biggest fear is being dependent on someone
And that is why I never let people get ‘too close’
At a distant
A wave
A nod
How are you, sir?
Im fine, as well!
As I march on

I get no emotions tied with people
Even places, if you ask me
I take pride in being this way
I’ve hid and sheltered my heart
But sometimes
You know? Moments like these

I wish a thunderstorm
A hurricane
Or even a tornado
Would blow this sheltered piece of stone, away
That I use as an excuse for a heart

Because, feeling nothing is okay
And commitments aren’t my positive trait
But a dead beat is of no use
When you want your heart to dance to the muse

Blame games

I saw pain standing under the streetlight
Smoking with lust
As love got drunk on the sidewalk
Never did the three get along
I saw mortality grinning on the death bed of a two year old
As life sat in between the legs of a sixty year old
Angels mocked youth from the far corner of the altar
Depression and anxiety worshiped to forget
No! everyone said
God, wouldn’t play such a game
But whatever, whatever cards you have, darling
We both know who is to blame

A girl like her


She didn’t breath fire
Or had the strength to move mountains
I really never realized her existence
But she only appeared as a name in the class roll-call list
Ordinary and lost
Sitting in the back row
Chewing at her finger nails
I saw no universe in her eyes
Neither did the air dance around her skin
She was empty and void
Oblivious to the world
Consumed by her own thoughts

Like I said, I never noticed her at all
She had an empty expression
Greeted everyone with an empty smile
Not everyone in this world is supposed to be described
Through poetry or prose
She was happy in her blissful solitude
I was miserable in my loneliness
And this is the only reason
I envied the girl who looked a lot like oblivion

A lovers wish


I’ve wished on shooting stars to be near to you
So that I could feel your breath on the nape of my neck
Fall asleep in your arms
Knowing that even if the world falls apart
I’d be one lucky motherfucker to die in my lovers arm

I’ve tossed a lot of coins in the wishing well outside the city
Hoping that your face was the one that I would wakeup to
If not today then God, please make it someday
Morning snuggles
Evening giggles
And dinner date plans
It doesn’t have to be like the movies
We can just sit in bed all day and listen to what you have to say about life
I would give everything and anything just to hold your hand right, now

And its mostly after midnight
When the world goes quiet
And my soul can’t find refuge in anything
So my heart looks for a place to seek shelter from the lonesome night
And it runs towards you
My safe place
My home
My solace
My one and only refuge

To him


Holding your hand in the crowd felt much better
Than walking the pavements alone
I’ve always been a loner at heart
My soul doesn’t feel the need to be with people
But, with you it yearns a lot more
It was easy to be on my own
Then you came along and all I wanted was to put my head on your shoulders
Gaze at the star kissed sky
I’ve always wondered why the moon never gets tired
Of orbiting the earth
Always being pulled closer by the gravitational pull
Never does is collide
And now the answer seems simple
Because, i’ve become the moon
Always and forever
Orbiting around you
Never far
But tragically, never near