You need to love yourself in order to be loved


You’ve been searching for it all your life
A place to call home
A place to call your own
Your concept of it was built around books
It involved movies set in the 50’s
Maps that connected true lovers
For you home had a heart beat
A direction to turn your face to at 3 am
It had sympathy for your depression in its bones
And snuggles for when insomnia hit you hard

Let me tell you this
Your concept of home is wrong
You don’t need a life to comfort you
You are the life!
I won’t say, “you are a life”
Because, you are in yourself the world
Just as important as any soul here
You hold within your bones the love that you deserve

If 3 am darkness scares you?
Hug yourself sweetie
Let your heart know that it will go away
You deserve love
And nobody will give you the love you want
If you don’t start loving yourself the way you need to

You are the home
The temple
The kingdom
The forest
The heaven
And heck
Even your own hell

If you realize that at the end of the day
You’re going to go to bed with yourself
And admit nobody is going to save you
You might save yourself
I bet, if you take my words seriously
Love yourself, the way you always wanted to be loved
Nothing else would matter in this world


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  1. This is too selfish for a true love I am afraid. Distraction comes with love and regretting it would only suggest one never really loved.
    Great post though

    • True love is selfish. Even if it involves two people, they’re love would be selfish, for the rest of the world to see. Self-loving isn’t selfish instead, it is a part of healing.
      I appreciate your perspective though.

      • Too much self love makes one a narcissist like me. I have been through both selfish and selfless. I agree on the fact that self love makes you stronger and is the only way to move on.
        Thank you Bano.

  2. Hey Bano created an award in named your honor ‘The Bano Lifetime Blogger Achievement Award’. You can check it out on my wordpress. I created awards for a lot of my followers named in their honor highlighting their strengths and good qualities to make them feel better. I hope you enjoy and like your award!

  3. Can’t find your Facebook page and you don’t update your blog as much as you used to update your Facebook page.
    I know by experience because you said it yourself that you just don’t spit out words but still missing the notification which pops up on my Facebook that ‘ Bano’s World posted a status update’.
    Please come back on Facebook.
    Your sincere and old follower.
    Salman Nadeem

    • Hello, I really appreciate that you’re reaching out to me but, I’ve left facebook.
      I will keep posting on the blog but that is rarely since, final year of school so taking a break from everything.

      • Will keep following wherever you post.
        Love your work because I can relate to it like many other followers of yours. Best of luck in school.
        P.s I read the comments and someone mentioned that you have a book published. Please tell me where to find it and what’s the title. Thankyou.

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