10 books to read this year


Everyone loves book or I assume that most of the readers on my blog love to read. Here, is a list of 10 books to read this year that I’ve read and absolutely loved.

  1. 100 years of solitude is by Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez who tells the tale of a generation who founded the town of Macondo. It gives you an insight on magic realism and if you’re interested in knowing about alchemy/modern day inventions/and inventors madness then this book is a gold mine.41A7ZAWA88L
  2. Beautiful from this angle is the book written by Maha Khan Phillips. The book takes a satire stand on the elite karachi families and how a country submerged in poverty provides its elite citizens a life of luxury. A modern day book showcasing dilemma of the youth with sex, drugs and western culture.Beautiful-640x4803. Post office is the first books written by Charles Bukowski who talks about his job in the post office, women and living life as a drunkard writer. postoffice4. The fuck you up: How to survive family life is by Oliver James who is a clinical psychologist by profession. He writes on the debate of nature and nurture while pointing out the crucial importance of first six years in a childs life that shape up the adult.


5. A farewell to arms is a classic by Ernest Hemingway. The book is set in the period of world war 1 and recounts the happenings and life through the eyes of an American Frederic Henry who was serving as a Lieutenant in the ambulance corps of the Italian Army. It is a tale of love mixed with war and the fear of losing someone.514omBy1BgL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_6. what i talk about when i talk about running is a memoir by Haruki Marukami. The book talks about his beginning and motivation for running. It shed light on how life is nothing more than a race where you have to carry on till your last breath and win. 51v5+SxQxyL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_7. Factotum is a novel by Charles Bukowski. Bukowski, tells the tale of a writer after the post world war 2 era who ventures from city to city in search of a job and of inspiration to write. He describes in detail the degenerate life of drunk writer who suffers from troubled women and lack of ambition. 51LPlQpZqqL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_8. Women is a semi-autobiographical novel by Charles Bukowski. He writes the novel through his alter ego character, Henry Chinaski who has now risen to fame for his work. It details the account of a rising star who not only suffers from drinking problem but casanova tendencies. Women, is an honest account of a man living the american dream after 50 years of failure. 51Eej9vEFQL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_9. In other room other wonders is by Pakistani author Daniyal Mueenuddin. It describes the life of Pakistani feudal families and how interwoven their lives are. It showcases that everyone has a different reality and perceptions differ from person to person. It has life of feudal families interwoven with high society girls of Islamabad and industrialists. 51hXtkLTopL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_

10. Forbidden Love is a novel by Norma Khouri. She tells the tale of her bestfriend In Jordan and how in the name of honor she was killed by her brothers and father. The story however is fictional but nonetheless, tells the tale of honor killing in Islamic society.51jgZsNtBPL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_


About Bano

I’m trying to find a better introduction but since, I can’t? Hi! I’m an ordinary person and I write. I write not because there lies aspiration to be a writer someday but because, it keeps me sane. I love the color silver, black and grey. I also realize that they fall under the same color tone. Whatever, I write is a result of my 3 a.m blues or insomniac depressive tendencies. I can’t write during the day. I’m addicted to caffeine and well, anything and everything (if I like it). Also, I suck at conversations. I bite my nails. Most of the time I’m clueless about the world around me. I love politics and youth activism. People tell me that art and politics don’t belong in the same mind, but I’m passionate about both. One day I might be drawing on a canvas or writing a story and the very next day I will be heading off to attend a summit on the role of youth at the United Nations. I have multiple people trapped in the same body. Each side does try to express itself, in minimal ways if not fully. I’m currently going through a rough patch in life. I guess, I’m adjusting to the world through multiple perceptions. I absolutely love talking to myself because an expert opinion is always required. Most of the time, I just play scenarios in my mind that would never happen. I’m very contradictory in my thought process and actions but it is okay, people get to be what they want to be as long as no other soul is hurt. Peace out!

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