Jasmine over roses


For all it is worth
I do not think you will ever
Grasp the idea of what you mean to me
In a garden full of roses
I found a precious jasmine
And I always loved the smell of it
The white petals like stardust on earth
I imagine stardust to be white as well
And that is how much you mean to me
A jasmine in a field of roses
Forever and ever
I will always pick the jasmine
Over the roses in the world
And by that I mean
You’re the only one


About Bano

I’m trying to find a better introduction but since, I can’t? Hello, welcome to my blog. I decided to write after a series of therapy sessions and a very serious manic episode. This blog is a dedication to how I have evolved as a person. I might someday start a commercial blog but no right now. Everything posted here *in my broken grammar and shit English* is how I have turned out as a person. Anyways, that is it. Bye!

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