Monthly Archives: April 2015

Living is not easy.


Living is not easy
When you have regrets
Wrapped around your neck like a noose
When you have bitter memories
Decorated on your heart like a spider web

Living is not easy
When your eyes are blank and weary
And you have to drag yourself out of bed
Gulp down the last shot of whiskey to numb down
Fill your gut with pills to pass out

Living is not easy
When the past keeps you up till dawn
And you praise your demons for their wicked games
When the day seems unbearable and you need to escape
So you contemplate crashing your car on the highway

Living is not easy
When pieces of your broken heart begin to resonate in your veins
And you take pleasure in the pain
When darkness becomes your world
You hide under sheets during weekends to avoid friends

Living is not easy
I assure you that, my love
But I was born to struggle
I was born to gamble this life
Everything will fade away
And so will this life

For my baby.


I like how delicate you are from the outside but within you is rage that is comparable to the seven pits of hell.
I like how you smile and laugh with your friends while lightning bolts strike your heart and wound it.
I like how composed and calm you are even when a hurricane is at its peak inside your mind.
I like how perfectly imperfect you are and carry it all like art.
I like how broken and damaged your entity is but you boldly show your scars and claim them as warrior marks.

You are the truth I found in a valley of lies. A work of magic and art that I deciphered. Every time, I fall short of words to describe you. Everyday, you leave me baffled with your being.
I cannot put your being into words because there hasn’t been a word invented to describe a broken universe which is so rich in love and life. Maybe, one day I’ll find a word that is made for you or maybe there will be no word and you’ll always be a work of art.

Mess of a world


Inside my ribcage there is a shipwreck
Inside my heart there is a thunderstorm
Inside my mind is a war going on
You’re safe on shore so you will never know how a shipwreck feels like
You’re under shelter so the rain and thunder cannot reach you
You reside in nirvana so conflict is just a word to you

Here, I am a mess of a world and you the calmness of the universe.



I walked among the crowd
I was a part of something big
I feel alone walking
A fragment
A lie
A regret

Chivas in hand
An ocean spray to the mind
Jesus, I think I finally found the meaning of life



You’re lying on the pavement and seeing the cars go by, one by one they move out of sight.
You realize this fast pace isn’t for you. Lights, speed, chase and thrill isn’t what you want out of your life, afterall.

You want to taste life on your lips and feel it resonate in your veins. You want it to go slow so you can see,everything-colors, emotions, pain, pleasure and most of all love.

Fast cars and chasing cash isn’t your goal. Its loving without a condition. Laughing till your stomach hurts. Lying on the rooftop and looking at the stars. Loving someone without expecting love in return.

Life. Life is madness infused with a longing to find bliss in every moment. It is without regrets and shades of black. It is a canvas and you’re the artist. Splash it with your favorite ones. Don’t let anyone paint your canvas. Even if it doesn’t make sense to those around you but makes sense to you, then that is all that matters.

Odd human beings


It is odd
How we claim to love the dark
But seek light in our lives

It is odd
How we admit karma exists
But still do wrong

It is odd
How we say that we love one another
But end up killing our own brothers

It is odd
How we end up wanting the truth
But turn a blinds eye towards it

It is odd
How we claim to be a lost soul
But never try finding ourselves

It is odd
How we are a contradiction
Of right thoughts and wrong actions

Dedicated to him.


Concealed his past behind cigarette smoke
You might see him on the sidewalk beneath the lamp post

Worn out jeans and days since he shaved
He wears his heart out on his sleeves

He used to worry about the future
Till the universe told him there exists none

He is a poet
Who never inked words on parchment

He is a lover
Who only tasted unrequited love on his lips

He is a searcher
Whose God denounced his existence on the altar

He is a prophet on a mission to preach
His words contradict truth and fiction

Behind his crooked smile and hash infused palms
Lies a gambler who traded tomorrow for today

Behind his worn out existence and courage to survive
Lies a soul who found life in narrow doors and dark bars