Rabba sachya tu te akhya si…. By Faiz Ahmad Faiz



Rabba Sacheya tu te Akheya si

Ja oye Bandeya jug daa Shah hai tu

Sadeya naimat’aan teryan doltan nay

Sada naib te Alijah hai tu !

Aes larey torr kadi puchiya ee

Ki ais namanay te bitiyan nay

Kadi Saar wi layi O Rab Sayeen ?

Teray “Shah” naal jug ki Kitiyan ne?

Kithay dhons Police Sarkar di

Kithay dhaandli maal patwaar di

Enway hudda ich kalpay jaa’n meri

Jiven phahi ich koonj kurlondi ay

Changa Shah bnaya e Rab Sayeen!

Polay khandiyan war na aondi ay

Mainu shahi nai chahidi rub saaiyan !

Main ta Izzat da tukkar manga ha !

Mainu tahng nai, mehel maria’n di

Mai te jeewa di nukkar mangna ha!

Meri mannay te teryan mai manna!

Teri Sonh je ik wi gal moran!

Jey ay mang nai pujdi taan Rabba…

Fair mai Jawa’n te Rab koi hor Lorran!

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About Bano

I’m trying to find a better introduction but since, I can’t? Hi! I’m an ordinary person and I write. I write not because there lies aspiration to be a writer someday but because, it keeps me sane. I love the color silver, black and grey. I also realize that they fall under the same color tone. Whatever, I write is a result of my 3 a.m blues or insomniac depressive tendencies. I can’t write during the day. I’m addicted to caffeine and well, anything and everything (if I like it). Also, I suck at conversations. I bite my nails. Most of the time I’m clueless about the world around me. I love politics and youth activism. People tell me that art and politics don’t belong in the same mind, but I’m passionate about both. One day I might be drawing on a canvas or writing a story and the very next day I will be heading off to attend a summit on the role of youth at the United Nations. I have multiple people trapped in the same body. Each side does try to express itself, in minimal ways if not fully. I’m currently going through a rough patch in life. I guess, I’m adjusting to the world through multiple perceptions. I absolutely love talking to myself because an expert opinion is always required. Most of the time, I just play scenarios in my mind that would never happen. I’m very contradictory in my thought process and actions but it is okay, people get to be what they want to be as long as no other soul is hurt. Peace out!

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