#2 Letting Go!


I carve out sentiments and adjure metaphor from our loving memories of dawn hysteria. As words I put them forth, through your crystal body fragile and delicate; bruised for me to soothe, but the reflective lights of your aura and ambience blind my sight and burn my insides. Love becomes and illusion and so does chaos. The voices in my head- start. They grow high in tone and tense when I am alone and at times in a millions crowd they become whispers. Like the touch of colorful plumage feathers and silk sheets, or at times deafening drum blows piercing through my sight, they numb me. But your colors, your aura and our every moment, morphs-YOU, posing as the naked king of my thoughts. I fall back again into the sands of time, yet again deeper with aqua pura falling from the ember and cinder shade skies. I on my knees, trapped with a leash and a burnt back- your memories, your love and the winds of life have gashed my skin. Your indoctrination and laws that tricked me into it all. My flaws openly subjected to be disclosed will no longer corrupt my ways. My inner animal, my inner gypsy is heaving. My spirit not grieving. There comes my wakeful greeting. I feel the shivers, in my bones. They travel through my vertebrae. Fracturing and cracking- I exit the state. My desire to levitate astray, is now there alas! To be free, liberated-to be beyond!


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