Rat chase


10344937_500865763347571_1853560480_nBecause in the end nobody makes it out of this hell hole alive and suffering prevails. You can keep that happy go lucky face and smile your way through the crowds but deep down within there is always going to be that feeling that lurks up in the hours of utter silence in the night and makes you think-think about what was-what had been-what will be.
That’s why there are drugs, the forbidden ecstasy that can soothe the pain and make life a bit more tolerable. When things don’t work out, you fail at life, they cheat on you, abandon you and finally life reveals its bitter colors to you. Not the shades of golden and red but awful colors of black and grey.
So my dear love, I know-I know that feel that creeps up on you! Remember, life is as good to you as you let it be and a bloody bitch to you as you let it be. Temporary is what defines this world and if you’re feeling the gloom overshadow you all you need is to smoke away the pain and drink away your worries to survive in the rat chase, again.

-With love
Sheher Bano Zafar


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