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The moonlight brightens up the guilty and innocent
The light from the sun does the same
Illuminating the sinner and the saint
And if water could drown our sins
We would be living under the sea

You’re not born a sinner, the Maulvi at my Madrassah says
With time the earth compels you to sin
He speaks over the loudspeakers of the Masjid
What is sin, I ask as I sip on my whiskey
For it’s all a game of convincing your conscience
We’re a result of sin if that makes sense?
Ask my parents, I giggle

The sinners
The products of countless harms
We rarely harm anyone but ourselves
A pleasure
An Indulgence
We the courageous ones

Courage stepped out
Out of this poem I’m writing
It asks
What good am I?
If I leave you broken and beaten

I tell it
Courage to sin in the divine presence
Glorifying my existence
Instead of the one in the sky
Am I defined by my sins?
Am I a born sinner?

Sin, dances out of this paper
Laughing it says
Don’t find solace in philosophy
It will mock you back
Your courage to commit
Commit the wrong
Is who I am
Is who you are

The charm and desire
Of something out of reach
Makes cowards like me
A brave little martyr, I say
The maulvi kept talking
About sinners and saints
As morning dawned
I decided to pray

Sinner or saints
We’re sides of the same coin
Shunned by our brethren
For beliefs too hazy
A paradox of morals
It’s how you look at it

For I am a man
With no hands
And concrete eyes
Seeing the coin
From one side
Only to be condemned
By the opposite side
For eternity
I believe what I see
I believe what I perceive
For it is in my nature
My frame of reality

The sinner
The saint
Whichever I saw
Became a haunting melody
All in all
Now, I am young
The world seems lively
One day I will die
Of old age
Leaving behind wisdom
For my son and his son
The world isn’t black and white
It’s grey for the one’s
If sinners exist
So do saints

A sinner is because of the saint
Conscious confirmed it
But by now it’s dead
The seed planted by the serpent
In the story of Adam and Ever
Is where it all began
And the mortal sinner
Is another knight
Caught up in the chess logic of the mind
For in my heart
Listen child
Sinners make the best saints
When youth ends

-Bano// Sinner & Saints

Photography by Sharjeel Jamal Javaid

Her And The City Lights


Running around in the bright lights
Cherishing a mental decay
A queen in her world
Bedazzled and glittering
Walking the pavements
Inhaling the night
It all tasted of metal and lights
For the love of herself
For the wasted youth she was
Running on booze and cheap drugs
Labeling it freedom and being independent on her own
Everything glows for her as she injects another one
Running in her veins blue and red all faded out
Warming her from the inside
Her hearts a beast- a monsters instead
Her ribs the cage-a jail instead
She runs from society or herself?
Being a slave to no one but herself
Succumbing to her existence
Killing the God who mocks her credence
Bright lights, tall buildings surround her
It drives her insane knowing that this all will end
Trying to capture her youth again
She’s on the verge of insanity
Because she’s nothing less
Nothing more
Then a wasted youth
In the mental