Learn again to fly


Temptations and emotions
Controlled by mind you see?
To either let go? or plunge in too deep
Conscious and sub conscious
Both prevail
It’s up for you to choose who to hail
Depth or surface
A paradox itself?
Look again dear one
Are you sure you’re in too deep?
A part of me begs to stops
A part of me want to embrace
Not a distant land but thoughts and voices from within
The brain you possess? and the mind you have
Is there a difference in their thought process?
Illusion and reality; it’s all just a blur
And with time it all fades away
To live or to die
Ideas have an impact
For there is no use for a soul that is only bodily alive
And internally dead
Be a soul that is limitless and free
Find yourself and lose it again
Only this time find someone lost instead
Escape is there and so is relieve
You’ve shun the outlet yourself
By being blind to what sets you free
What is it like to be free?
The more you defy boundaries the more you are free?
Listen to the soul for the mind is nothing
But an analytical robot captivated in logic
Be a dreamer and deny the order
Let chaos anarchy rule the borders
That define sanity and insanity
Break away the mental chains
Wreck the idea of having a soul
Be nothing less and nothing more
It’s never late nor early
Because time is something we humans made
Conclusions are worse when still alive
Defy all boundaries and learn again to fly


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