As the dark approached I looked at the hills, the sun setting and giving a Cimmerian shade to the sky as the anxiety crept into my veins and flowed through my blood . My stomach began to churn and it felt as if someone knotted my gut, getting harder for me to breathe every minute passing. WAITING! That’s the most horrible thing that could happen to human beings…we wait to grow up, wait to get a job, wait to find the perfect companion, wait to get old and we wait to DIE! Waiting can be a painful task since you never known when it might end. I was always an impatient child though, waiting was a word not in my dictionary and to be honest I think I fully deserve this now don’t I? the sky was now dark and only a half moon peeked behind the clouds and illuminated everything in the room, in a distance the wind had begun its dance to delight the trees and I sat by the door now; waiting…I thought I heard footsteps in the grass and ran to look out the window but to my dismay nobody was there…again I had to wait for him to come. I waited 22 years to have him. The day I heard he died was like a knife in my own hurt but then again magicians have it one way or another don’t they?  And now I’m near the window looking out the door waiting for him to come, for him to tear the door apart with his dead and burnt skin, his empty eyes bleeding nothing but pain and sorrow his arms dangling and like a dead corpse I know he’ll come I can feel it.


About Bano

I’m trying to find a better introduction but since, I can’t? Hello, welcome to my blog. I decided to write after a series of therapy sessions and a very serious manic episode. This blog is a dedication to how I have evolved as a person. I might someday start a commercial blog but no right now. Everything posted here *in my broken grammar and shit English* is how I have turned out as a person. Anyways, that is it. Bye!

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  1. I loved this story. It was entertaining and well written. I love the image! I love the title! I loved this line ‘The day I heard he died was like a knife in my own hurt but then again magicians have it one way or another don’t they?’ Keep up the good writing!

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