The Beginning Of A New Life


The Beginning Of A New Life

I wanted to speak and shout and tell everyone what I saw before me but it seemed as if my voice had somehow disappeared and I could feel my legs going numb the life being sucked out of my toes, my feet and my legs. It agonized like hell. The worst suffering I had ever known. And within 2 minutes the pain ended I saw my body in front of me. I couldn’t believe what I saw and actually tried touching what I saw before me and came to realize that I was a spirit now. What lay in front of me was my worldly body and the figure covered in a dark cloak was what the religious people called the angel of death. It had a pale white grim face. It was the angel Michael. I still couldn’t believe what I saw but then accepted the fact that I was dead. My life….the 28 years of misery, joy, pain, love, passion, delight and gloom had ended. And now I was here seeing myself from another world known only by those beings that inhabit it. Once you’re a part of it there is no going back. I glanced at the doctor poor mortal trying so hard with that manmade equipment to bring me back to life…. huh! This is of no use. He should better give up. Then I glanced upon my father the only guy I loved in my life. Tears were running down his eyes and soaked his beard I wanted to hold him console him but the wall between the living and the dead had gotten between us. I was a firm atheist who did not believe in God or life or death. Earth to earth and ashes to ashes was my concept. I did not believe that there even existed a life after death and now here I was seeing this myself. A world does exist but I was too arrogant to pay attention to it and always found logics and reasons but now there was no logic in what was happening now was it? What I saw had no reason? I always thought that the notion of death renders life meaningless. What is the point of life if we are all going to die? Science shows us that the human life is meaningless and there is no greater purpose of it. I believed that my mere existence was only made possible because of the successful reproduction of our ancestors nothing more and nothing less. All my life I had seen people fight over God and whose religion is right and whose is wrong. I pity those fool who believed in God and religion and took pride in what I was. I thought if God existed then what is the point of human suffering in the world? If we are his children then why does he make us suffer in this world? If everything is written in a person’s destiny then why does the concept of praying exist? I believed that consciousness existed as long as the brain functioned and when this mental activity came to a halt life ended and ceased to exist. My parents were both practicing late Judaist and I was atheist. Strange isn’t it? But I was who I was though at this moment I do regret it as the reality of the universe had unfolded upon me. The dark cloaked figure grabbed me by the hand and the coldness of his touch sent chills down my spine. His face began to go vague and then I found myself in a hollow room. I realized soon enough that I was naked and a morbid and big voice asked me “Who are you?” I told my name. Then again it asked “what do you believe in?” I told that I did not believe in anything and that I do now believe there is a God, but the voice replied that “Human it is not of any use now to believe or not. Your time is up. And you are going to be punished for your sins” and with that two figures grabbed me by my shoulders and I screamed and wailed as they took me to a place no not a place but a pit which had fire burning in it and flames were coming out of it. The fire seemed to be burning for a long time I suppose as it had now turned black. I was thrown into the burning pits which was called hell. The fire touched my skin and I felt a mind bobbling pain. My skin was on fire my flesh was bleeding and I could feel the fire in my bones. And soon after my body was all burnt up that a new layer of skin formed on me and the process began again which was even more painful than before. My nails were being taken out of my flesh and they kept growing again so that they may be taken out again. My hairs were being pulled out of my skull and it kept growing again so that they may be pulled again. I was bleeding and was in pain and all this because I was a non-believer. But how was I supposed to know what should I believe in and what not? All religions preached that there path was right and all other are wrong then who should I have followed? I was suffering! I kept screaming for help but I knew no one would listen to my wail and cry it was my own torture cell my eternal end.


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      • bano u r awesome really but u dont actually think that God would be so unjust do u ? theek hai that our fate is written which family we are going to be born with and what religion the family follows but my dear sister God has also given us the wisdom intelling the difference between truth and falsehood, has He not ? first of all i think we should all kno that God is different from all and that He could not hold any of the feature of a human would He? because He is God so how could he He have a son or wife which we humans have? how could He have a gender? there are of course many other reasons to believe that He is different from us which are the reasons which make it so easy to recognise the truth from the falsehood is it not?

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