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The Haunted Mansion


The Haunted Mansion

(12:03 a.m. Friday).It’s completely dark in this room. The cold mountain air send’s chill down my spine. Glad to have had found this flashlight and this pile of papers and pen. I don’t know what to do. I am alone. I need help but am scared to even make a sound. The only thing left for me to do is now wait! Wait for that horrifying monster to come find me, up till then I’ll just write my thoughts down they always help me relax after all I am a writer. He is going to find me and that is an inevitable truth and he is going to kill me. The horrible creature is going to quench his thirst with my blood. It’s still 5 hours and 35 minutes for the sun to come up and in this time limit my fate shall decide whether I live or die an agonizing death like my partners.Life has a way of turning from heaven to hell with in a second and that is just what happened to me. A week ago I was considering myself to be the most blessed person on the planet. My life was good. I had a great job and got promoted two days back and I was going to get married next spring. My hell started when the producer of our show organized a trip to Romania for us to check a place out in the ruins of Transylvania. Transylvania is a beautiful place. Simply stunning surrounded by mountains. It is associated with the horror genre generally. The type of theme the show required. I worked in a television show where I wrote a script and we went to check out super natural activity in various parts of Europe. I had been working in this field for the past 5 years and in reality never encountered any supernatural activity. We just pretended for the sake of entertainment. I wrote down every tiny detail of the act to be followed. I wrote the whole script in such a way so the viewers would still believe in the world of the UNKNOWN MAGICAL CREATURES. People like to believe in this stuff because it still keeps the child inside them alive to think that there is a world beyond ours.vampires,werewolves,Dracula,fairies,ghost’s and other magical creatures.Our flight landed on Friday morning and we made our way to the region where the shoot was going to take place. A mansion to be precise. When we finally reached I lay my eyes upon the most gargantuan and morbid building ever. I stepped outside the car with my eyes still fixed on it. The paint on the mansion seemed as old as the building itself. Spider webs covered the front of it. Dirt and scum was oozing out of the small cracks. The front lawn had wild bushes and a massive tree on which many crows sat silently. Two gargoyles stood on the top corner of the roof. PERFECT! We found out from a local that accompanied us that the building is 300 years old and were built by a scientist who was in search of the magical beings. No one ever knew what happened to the mad scientist he disappeared suddenly but since then it is empty. The locals of the area don’t go in the mansion anymore as it is said that the scientist still haunts the place and is transformed into some ugly petrifying one ever saw the so called monster but the myth still remains. The local left immediately. We went inside. The mansion from the inside was very elegant. From the walls to the roof all was carved with wooden work. In the center hung a vast chandelier the most beautiful I ever lay my eyes upon. The floor was covered with red carpet and the smell inside was enchanting. The sun rarely shines in this region but the light from the upper window seemed to put one in an alluring crew mates and I set up our cameras and lights. All ready for the act! We had to shoot our first episode by dusk so that we may shoot another one by tomorrow and get out of this creepy place. Jason our cameraman shouted 3, 2, and 1 so that the act began! There were 5 of us. The 3 actors followed the script I wrote down. Night fell and we ended the session. While, packing the equipment Alan got up to use the loo Miranda accompanied him as she needed to freshen up too. After sometime I heard a devastating scream. I ran with Jason and lee to the place where the scream came from. There what we saw was terrifying! There in the pool of blood lay Miranda with her eyes dilated and her jaw vastly opened with blood dripping from it. Her shirt was all bloody and half ripped from the left side. There was only an empty cavity in the place where her heart used to be. I could see right through her the flesh and muscle. We gathered the courage to go look inside the bathroom and found Alan lying in his blood with his left eyeball out hanging on his face and his face covered with fresh blood. He had an empty cavity on the left side as well. We went downstairs to the main hall and left them there as they were we couldn’t tell anyone about it because there is no cellular reception here. We wanted to leave the place immediately but when we went outside we came to find that all four tires were flat and there was no cellular network coverage. We were stuck for the night and the local village was 15 miles away though the mountains .we sat down to figure things out. But couldn’t find a logical conclusion to what had happened to our fellow mates or our car. Lee suggested that it might be haunted for real But I thought he was just being foolish as no such things exist now do they? All 3 of us went to the corner room and decided to stay there till dawn. Then we would get out of this place. Jason remembered that he had forgotten his bag down the hall and the three of us went together to get it. We had only a single candle which was soon going to finished, so the three of us made our way down the hall when a sudden rush of breeze came and our candle extinguished. The only light remained was now of the moon. We were almost to the main lounge when a sudden dog like creature jumped in front of us. It had greyish black fur and sharp was 9 feet tall I guess and wide thrice the size of a sumo wrestler. All I remember after that is running. I had this adrenaline rush and I ran! I ran as fast as I could and the scream of my fellow mate still echoes in my head as the monster tore him into half and he screamed with excruciating pain. After 15 minutes I don’t know where I was in the mansion but I was sure that the dog like creature was nowhere in sight. I don’t know whether lee is alive or not as we both ran not caring for the other. EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF if you ask me. But I do know that Jason is dead. The monster ripped him apart. I can still see his head in between the creature’s dog like jaw. This room where I’m hiding from the hideous creature is the library. And so here I am writing about what had happened. It’s 1:00 am now and I hear someone walking outside and I know it’s him. He is going to rip me in halves as well and take my heart. I am staring death in the eyes now. He will find me and take my heart. These are my last thoughts and this is what happened to me and my crew. If someone someday finds them please if you have time run! Save yourself from the heart eating monster before its too late. Jannet Jameson (writer of The Supernatural)

The Beginning Of A New Life


The Beginning Of A New Life

I wanted to speak and shout and tell everyone what I saw before me but it seemed as if my voice had somehow disappeared and I could feel my legs going numb the life being sucked out of my toes, my feet and my legs. It agonized like hell. The worst suffering I had ever known. And within 2 minutes the pain ended I saw my body in front of me. I couldn’t believe what I saw and actually tried touching what I saw before me and came to realize that I was a spirit now. What lay in front of me was my worldly body and the figure covered in a dark cloak was what the religious people called the angel of death. It had a pale white grim face. It was the angel Michael. I still couldn’t believe what I saw but then accepted the fact that I was dead. My life….the 28 years of misery, joy, pain, love, passion, delight and gloom had ended. And now I was here seeing myself from another world known only by those beings that inhabit it. Once you’re a part of it there is no going back. I glanced at the doctor poor mortal trying so hard with that manmade equipment to bring me back to life…. huh! This is of no use. He should better give up. Then I glanced upon my father the only guy I loved in my life. Tears were running down his eyes and soaked his beard I wanted to hold him console him but the wall between the living and the dead had gotten between us. I was a firm atheist who did not believe in God or life or death. Earth to earth and ashes to ashes was my concept. I did not believe that there even existed a life after death and now here I was seeing this myself. A world does exist but I was too arrogant to pay attention to it and always found logics and reasons but now there was no logic in what was happening now was it? What I saw had no reason? I always thought that the notion of death renders life meaningless. What is the point of life if we are all going to die? Science shows us that the human life is meaningless and there is no greater purpose of it. I believed that my mere existence was only made possible because of the successful reproduction of our ancestors nothing more and nothing less. All my life I had seen people fight over God and whose religion is right and whose is wrong. I pity those fool who believed in God and religion and took pride in what I was. I thought if God existed then what is the point of human suffering in the world? If we are his children then why does he make us suffer in this world? If everything is written in a person’s destiny then why does the concept of praying exist? I believed that consciousness existed as long as the brain functioned and when this mental activity came to a halt life ended and ceased to exist. My parents were both practicing late Judaist and I was atheist. Strange isn’t it? But I was who I was though at this moment I do regret it as the reality of the universe had unfolded upon me. The dark cloaked figure grabbed me by the hand and the coldness of his touch sent chills down my spine. His face began to go vague and then I found myself in a hollow room. I realized soon enough that I was naked and a morbid and big voice asked me “Who are you?” I told my name. Then again it asked “what do you believe in?” I told that I did not believe in anything and that I do now believe there is a God, but the voice replied that “Human it is not of any use now to believe or not. Your time is up. And you are going to be punished for your sins” and with that two figures grabbed me by my shoulders and I screamed and wailed as they took me to a place no not a place but a pit which had fire burning in it and flames were coming out of it. The fire seemed to be burning for a long time I suppose as it had now turned black. I was thrown into the burning pits which was called hell. The fire touched my skin and I felt a mind bobbling pain. My skin was on fire my flesh was bleeding and I could feel the fire in my bones. And soon after my body was all burnt up that a new layer of skin formed on me and the process began again which was even more painful than before. My nails were being taken out of my flesh and they kept growing again so that they may be taken out again. My hairs were being pulled out of my skull and it kept growing again so that they may be pulled again. I was bleeding and was in pain and all this because I was a non-believer. But how was I supposed to know what should I believe in and what not? All religions preached that there path was right and all other are wrong then who should I have followed? I was suffering! I kept screaming for help but I knew no one would listen to my wail and cry it was my own torture cell my eternal end.

Baby should’ve known


RELATIONSHIPS….a word that sums up half the idea of human existence. Relationships are a great emotional support for many whether they are of blood or not and to some they maybe fake human interactions but the truth is they can be both. Some can build you up or destroy you. There are parents,siblings and family certain ties made the minute we step into this world and there are some that we make on our stay here in this world, the ones we call “Friends”. The term friends include a criteria that each one of us ideals and when a person holds true to it he/she becomes our “friend”. But even then you have to figure out who your real friends are because as an old saying is “A man is known by the company he keeps” i didn’t get the hold of this quote a long time and certain scenarios happened back taught me the meaning of it. What i learnt is “choose your friends carefully” many of them will betray you one way or the other and only a few will last till the end. A friend wont be the one who’ll tell you to do drugs, to kill and he wont be the one to tell you to do bad things. People like that aren’t friends they are disguised as one. A friend will tell you whats wrong and whats right, he’ll try his best to stop you from doing bad, from harming yourself. The bestest friend a person can have is “HIMSELF” become your own friend first then choose others..that being said IF YOU CAN BE SOMEONES FRIEND SOMEONE WILL SURELY BE YOURS TOO….

Thanks to Ahmed Muneeb Butt (masair g) for helping me out with this

The hole


All the proof you need

And all the truth you seek

Lies in the hole inside your soul

The one that’s bleak

And doesn’t make a screech

The stars that aligned in your esteem or disesteem

For what seemed like eternities passed

I still couldn’t fill the hole inside my soul


Give your heart a break


Because sometimes the biggest enemy isn’t the enemy on the outside but it’s our own mind, deceiving us and betraying us by over thinking and making up scenarios that will never happen that can lead to anxiety and panic disorders. It isn’t wrong to think over things and not plan moves out but what is wrong is to make those thoughts control your actions now and succumb into them. Everything is temporary and nothing lasts forever so if a person can look at it this way and not let emotions prevail over logic NOTHING CAN EVER GO WRONG ON YOUR PART…..

Karma is a cruel bitch


There comes a time in everyone’s life where one has to sit down and think about all the things that happened in the past years spent. The thoughts come out like colorful paint balls on an empty canvas and reflect into a beautiful painting of the years that past..the shades could be colorful than a rainbow or as dull as a black and white sketch but even then it will still keep its charm. You’ve been good and bad things still happened or maybe the worse did, or you’ve been bad but karma still didn’t screw you over for it and you got lucky; the point being is that YOU survived all that happened. Life was never meant to be a fair game it’s a gift from God to you and what you do with this short span on earth is your return to God.  Maybe when you realize that this is not an equal game and both ends are never meant to meet it will be too late. Being a soldier or being a coward is all up to YOU. You could piss and moan at the things life throws at you or you can be someone who could surpass all that and emerge more powerful and more wise then ever. But the key to all of this isn’t something you are born with but eventually you’ll learn over time, but my dearest reader my advice to you is KEEP MOVING FORWARD because as long as you move you will progress towards being better but when you stop that’s when you die even though you’re breathing. That’s what makes us better than any being on the planet our ability to move forward regardless of situations or i said you could be bad and get away with it or you can be good and still get screwed all that counts is you kept moving forward.