Monthly Archives: July 2013

A cold grey heart


There was once a fair skin lady

With a cold grey heart

In her cradle of misery and despair

Lay a soul wanting to be free from it all

A sinner lay in a vessel so holy

A deceiver who told the truth in silence

Pointed out in the wrong direction

It’s as if being strong is the only option she had

Caught in somewhere between war and peace

And giving up was not an option but rather a willing death

The ache of her soul consumes her existence

And willing to live or to die is neither a choice nor an option

Trapped outside her own history

Losing herself and keeping this world

Swept away by the winds of change and modernism

Unable to retrace her steps and lost

The whispers and confessions eat the thoughts she has

Centuries passed and she’s on her knees

Praying to a God as he mocks her credence

Existence like old wood with dry leaves

Ancestors whispering in her roots and haunting her

Locked out from her own being all she sees are shadows

All she heard are whispers and flailing echoes

Caught in the war that she has lost and won

A war which captured her dreams and crushed them for her to only re-dream

A war that made her adore her conqueror and despise herself

Sailing unanchored on troubled seas

Never allowing shore to set her soul free

Her joys never happy enough

Her sorrows never sad enough

Her dreams never big enough

Her existence never important enough

Who she is? Who she’s not? And who she want to be?

Lost and insecure sitting in the corner as life passes her by

Watching the clock tick away as her decay proceeds to be