Monthly Archives: May 2013

Here we go again….


“The void inside me is growing more and more emptier and every night i take refuge in somebody’s company just so that the silence doesn’t creep up on me and my mind doesn’t make me insane but you wouldn’t know that now would you? you don’t seek safety in other people like i do love…” as their eyes met now and his sparkled a bit more she sighed again “Ohh! darling i’ve been so miserable…”

Dance with the demons


Sometimes when the silence creeps up on you in a silvery moonlight

Embrace the wickedness and dance with the devil love

Let the violins in the dark guide your move

Make love to it while it still lasts

Because once it vanishes

Your serenade ended

Again it’s




Powerful throne
Ruled the land
Wicked and wild: exalted
Palaver and a breached rule
Conceited, obsesses and vanity consumed
Luxurious living while the common man died
Foreign invasion, decaying policies and shattered economy followed
The men revolt, the king escaped but caught by revolutionaries to be hanged
Tortured and imprisoned in the land he once ruled
Cognizance that empire stood on pillars of sand
The walls close up on him and silence crept
A puppet on string, slave to desires
Regret, remorse, misery and illness
To be hanged in the street
The days follow slowly
Awaiting death: tears
Sweet death

Viva la vida