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It wasn’t our intimate meetings that made me love him

It was the waiting period that made me long for him

I wasn’t in love with him i guess

I  just loved being in love in the end

Him and I

Euphoric Modicum


For how come someone who looked so much like an angel
And possess the lure of a vessel so holy
Have a demon residing inside her
An evil lurking within that made your life a living hell when she finally left

The Darkness


In the dark silent night

I creep into the hearts

Of those whose faith is weak

Of those whose heart  won’t  seek

Reading holy books would get you nowhere my child

Praying for me to go away would be of no use

For I am the darkness that lurks within

That rots your heart from the core of it

You may ignore and not acknowledge my existence

But I will make you notice in the hours of utter silence

You suppress my presence with the routine you’ve invented

Assuring yourself that I am not here, not present

I still creep into your heart at night when you lie

Fill your heart with fear, doubt and remembrance of past

While you ponder at the ambiguity your brain shuts down

And I watch over you like a mother watches over a child

For you my child I have sacrificed heaven

And to where my end is I shall take you with me

You are not alone when you think you are

For I am still there watching over you like a mother watches a child

Try and Try you will not succeed

For I am something not that you can see

Ignorance won’t kill me, prayers won’t do

For some nights you will feel me beside you

I am darkness the master of the night

And in your heart my child I prevail the light